Happy Thanksgiving, or is it a happy Turkey Day?

Today is Thanksgiving, a holiday where families get together to spend quality time with each other around the dinner table eating turkey and watching football on TV.  I truely do love this holiday, but it seems that some people are missing the true spirit of what this holiday is all about.  Yes, eating turkey and dressing and all the other delicious foods that are made for this time of season is something I look forward to after summer is over, but I have started to really grasp the significance of why this holiday is so good.  The reason for which this holiday came about, for those who were there at the first feast and for us today, is to be thankful for the things that have been given to us and the life that we have been able to live.  Some people around the world have little or nothing and are happy with anything that they might possess. I hope that today will be more than just the food and games, but of really being thankful for what we all have around us.  America is too great of a country not to be thankful for what we have and for what is at our fingertips.  Every morning I wake up and am thankful to be able to breath and have another day to live.


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