Where oh where is thee… trashcan?

Today, I was over at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for lunch and when we were done I was trying to find the trash can and looked probably in about 5 or so places before I found where there trash can was hidden.  Afterwards, I thought how interesting it was that I looked in different places, and how many places I could remember from other houses.  A few examples of where trashcans are placed in different houses:

Under the sink

In a different cabinet in the kitchen

By the side of the counter

Around the corner away from the kitchen

In a different compartment around the kitchen

It’s interesting to me, might not be to most people, but it’s sort of funny to think about as well.  If you have a different place where you put your trash cans at, then leave a post.  Lets see if we can get 20 different areas where trashcans can be located.


One Response to “Where oh where is thee… trashcan?”

  1. andrewreiners Says:

    In the garage.

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