My South African STINT (on going)

This section is more or less just my thoughts and the different events that have happened here and there  while living in Pretoria, South Africa for the year of 2009. My self and eight others on my team started off our journey in Denver, where Campus Crusade has there yearly Christmas Conference in December.  We were able to help with the conference, since our departure was from the Denver airport.

DCC was a really good time to get caught up with friends that I hadn’t seen since the summer up in Juneau, and other friends that I hadn’t been able to hangout with much.  I am so glad for the friends that God has put into my life and how each one of them has been used in different ways in my life.  DCC was also just a good time of having one on oneness with my Creator and somewhat of a renewing of my strength.  My Family was able to drive myself and James, who is on STINT with me, up to Denver so we wouldn’t have to deal with leaving cars.  They stayed a couple of days longer to be able to hangout with me some more before I left for a year.  It’s hard to be away from your family when (for the most part) you do alot of things together, so it was fun to be able to hangout with them a little bit more and share some special moments together.

We left Tuesday morning to be ready for the plane that was leaving at 2:00pm.  The flight to DC was a quick one, but with the time change, we didn’t get into Dulles until 7:30 or so and found out that our flight was delayed til the next morning to london.  When everything got figured out, we changed flights to the next day at 5:40 that was heading straight to JoBurg (yes, we sadly didn’t get to be in London for a day.) If we would have went to London that next day, we might have not been on time for the next flight and would have had to wait another 24 hrs.  Long story short, we were compted living arangements at this really nice resort and a food voucher, becuase I guess the plane has some tech. difficulties.  The resort (in Virginia) was REALLY NICE!  The next day, Wensday, we left at 2:00 to get on the plane at 5:40.  That flight was a LONG on (I probably watched 4 movies and other stuff) and sort of slept here and there.

We flew into JoBurg at 3pm (Pretoria time) and were picked up by a man named Tony, who with his employees, drove us to the Hostel.  South Africa is such a beautiful place, and looks for the most part like a US city.  Hopefully pictures will come to show of God’s great creation!


2 Responses to “My South African STINT (on going)”

  1. Rylan. Read your last three blogs today. I am very glad to hear about your time in S. Africa…even though only the travels there. Hearing even that little helps keep you and your team on my mind for prayer.
    I hope that all is going well and wish to encourage you no-matter where your day finds you to meet with God, clothe yourself in His Holy Spirit that you may reflect His character to all you meet.

    Love you Brother

  2. rylanreed Says:

    Thanks Brad, that always helps in a different place.

    Love you as well bro

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