Puzzle’s are so interesting and fun to build. Every piece is an important part of the whole and without just one piece, then the puzzle wouldn’t be completed.  Each piece is a different shape and size, some small, some large. Others are jagged and some round, some are long and others short.  Each piece has its own place in the puzzle and if they are placed somewhere else, it usually does not fit or even look good in the whole picture.

The illistration of the puzzle is how the body of Christ works. Each follower in the body of Christ is an important part of the body and without them the picture as a whole would not look as good.  God has called each one of us to the body for a reason and each one of us are truely important to God.  We are all different and have been made that way to be able to fit together and make a more beautiful picture than would only just a few pieces could make by themselves.  If we were all the same, nothing would fit together and it would all just be a jumbled mess. God has made us with a unique plan for our lives and talents to be able to do that. With each plan and purpose, we all fit in our unique place in the body of Christ and when joined as one under christ we are a beautiful picture.


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