midweeks of January

While getting everything situated with the housing and settling in stuff, we were able to spend some quality time on Campus in Pretoria.  We  met Renier, who is the campus director on Pretoria, the second week we were there and he explained some things about pretoria and what was already happening there.  The one really cool thing with Crusade on Tuks, that’s what they call the university of Pretoria, is that it is student lead and they have a pretty big student leadership team, which I was excited about.  Saturday the 17th, Tuks had their open house for all of the first years and their parents, (which turned out to be around 7000 students and both parents with siblings as well – a lot of people).  We had a booth up on the grounds and were able to meet, with 20 people going out, about 200 students and shared with them what Crusade is all about.  The next week, 19th through the 23, we as a team went out on campus everyday trying to talk with first years and see if they were interested in God and talking more about Him.  That week was the first year’s sort of orientation week, where they went to different departments and professors to get things signed for the year and sort of get to know the university and where everything was at.  We were able to meet a lot of students that week as well, I think I had about 15 guys on my sheet with their contact information and most of them seemed to be interested in talking more about God and the bible.

That Thursday night we met with Jackie, who is the director of South Africa, and had a really good time of eating dinner and seeing from her what she wanted for this year and for South Africa.  It was also really good that she was American, so much fun!  Friday night we went to a all you can eat buffet and met the whole staff of South Africa, from Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, as well as the Crusade Director for all of South and Eastern Africa.  It was really good to be able to meet everyone and see how they all interacted with each other.  The next day was a very LONG day, in which we planned for all of South Africa, making a mission statement in two hours, which usually takes businesses about two months to get one finalized, so that was pretty crazy.  We were also able to get on the Johannesburg campus and had a small prayer walk where we were able to meet a couple of the guys that were involved with Crusade there. Such a good time of really giving the campus over to God and seeing where things would be happing else where in SA.


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