Spreading out

Sunday night, the 25th, our team came together for a meeting in which we really didn’t know too much about.  The decision had come up that our team of 9 needed to be split up to two other places, Johannesburg and Durban, so that we could be able to reach more students in South Africa and that it wouldn’t be so crowded in Pretoria with a staff team of 12.  We had talked about this at our STINT breifing, and everyone on the team felt called to be in South Africa, where ever that would lead is, even if it meant splitting us up into different groups.  The feeling after that meeting was to have us stay as a whole team since this is the first time a STINT team will be working in South Africa and Pretoria was the main place of where we were going to be.

When Jackie had met with the other staff members across the country, she saw how our group could be able to be used in greater ways than just all working in Pretoria.  The split up will be for a month to see how things go, if it works then we will continue on with this for the rest of the year. If it doesn’t work, which I highly doubt, then we will just go back to how we had it in the first place.  Now when I say that I highly doubt this not working, I take that from the meeting and the reaction that came from everyone.  Most people said that this would be a great change of pace and a way to reach the whole country as we were wanting to do.  Also, some of the team members were really sensing God’s pushing on their hearts to go somewhere else and be used by Him there.  Im excited to see what will happen in the next month and hopefully throughout the rest of the year!


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