School gets rolling

School (or as they call it College) started Wednesday the 28th here, and I have come to the realization that students here care more about studying than most college students in the United States do.  Not saying that Students in the US don’t care at all, but just that they usually have more things on their mind than school and studying.  That first week, or I guess half week, was a good time of being on Campus and seeing how things would work there.  Pretoria has around 40,000 students or so, which makes it a pretty crowded place when everyone sticks to one section of the campus or when it is totally down pouring (that has happened more than sunshine) and everyone runs for the cover of buildings.  I was able to talk to a few students and shared the gospel with a couple, but most of them were busy with the first few days of classes and RAG that they had that week as well.  I don’t really know what RAG stands for at all, but the main focus of it to raise money to give to charities and to join along with the school spirit.  Over the past few years though, it has turned into more of a time for drinking than really trying to have good school spirit.  On that Saturday, they had a parade to show off the floats that all the “rezes” or what we would call Greek houses, and that was when they collected all the money for charity.

The next week was the first full week of classes and we were able to have our first Crusade meeting that Thursday night. It was really good to see who might come on a regular basis and get into somewhat of a routine.  It has been hard for me and I think a few others on my team, becuase of the fact that there isn’t really a strong direction in what we are doing and it does get tiring sometime, to be sharing the gospel all day long.  I was able to meet a guy whose name was OBK and the cool thing about his story is that someone from the summer project shared with him last summer and he remembered them saying when the weekly meeting was going to be, so he came and we were able (myself and Dan) to talk with him a little bit.  He really wants to be discipled and has a lot of questions, but we came to figure out that he isn’t a Christian, just wanting to see and learn more about what all this is, which is so cool to see.  The next day on Friday, we had a brie social (brie being their term for cooking out or grillin’) and we were able to play some games with the students that came.  There were about 40 or so students that attented, mostly girls, but that is common I think where ever you go.  I was able to play a little rugby and sort of heard some of the rules on that, interesting, and I also played some cricket which was a tone of fun and learned the rules in that, so when I watch it I’m not looking retarded trying to figure out what is going on.  That afternoon was so good for both myself and Dan, because it felt to us that we actually did something.  Not saying that anything else we had done before Friday didn’t count, but I definitely connected with more of the guys through playing sports with them instead of just trying to talk with random guys here and there on campus.  We were men, playing the sports that men play and we’re have great fellowship together through that.


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