Who in Heaven are you!

Sometimes I wonder if God thinks this or talks back to us in this way when we question him or think something different than what God said in His Holy Word.  We ask why things happen when we really don’t need to know, all we need to know is that God is a just, loving God that Knew us even before our mother’s womb and knit us in her womb.  He choose us for His glory and what we are able to do is glorify Him through what we do.  That it would be God directed and God focused and that we would be able to grow closer to Him through what we get to do.

Who in Heaven are you! to determine what is what.

I am humbled everyday for what God has done for me and in me and through me.  I didn’t deserve anything of what God has given me and I thank Him everyday for it!  Everyday we need to keep asking are selves if we are questioning God with our thoughts and even actions.  I need to do that everyday as well.


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