People to meet

The start of February was when things actually started rolling on campus for my self and the other two that work with me in Pretoria.  A student came to the first weekly meeting that we had for Crusade becuase he had heard about it from the students that had came to South Africa last summer on the Summer Project.  It was amazing to see that someone, who probably was shared the gospel too by a couple Americans, decided to come to the weekly meeting that didn’t happen for another 6 or so months!  How crazy God works sometimes.  His name is Obk, short for Obaking (which is probably short for something else), and he is not a beliver, but he is thinking and asking questions which I am excited to talk with him about those things.  Please pray that God would open Obk’s eyes to His glory and that Obk would find out for himself the love and grace that God gives to those who believe.  I will hopefully put some pics up of him and others that I am talking to.  We also have two days during the week where we go out with the students and share our faith.  One of the students that has come to these I have been able to go along with and get to know him as we talk with other students.  His name is Muta and he is such a great guy to be around.  He likes to talk and we get along pretty well, which has helped me to be able to disciple him, becuase of the connection he feels with me.  I am hoping that both him, Obk and some other guys that Dan and I are talking to will be able to find a time to get together for a bible study.  It is hard with all of their schedules to find a time to work for everyone.  We (meaning myself and Dan, the other guy working with me on Pretoria) have been able to go to another campus in Pretoria where there is a male’s dorm (or rez as they like to say) where we can be able to go in and talk with the students and hangout with them as well.  Bogonie, Zek ( ezekiel is his real name, i just gave him that nickname), and Vincient are a few of the guys that we have met through Renier, our campus director, and have now been able to have a few bible studies with them and have been able to somewhat answer questions that they are having.  I have realized that mostly Blacks (some whites) really have alot of questions that keep running through their minds and it has been fun to be able to even think about those questions for myself.  Jimmy and Makhosi, are two guys we met as well over on the campus called Groenkloof (which is their education campus), who are sort of like our RA’s in the states.  Jimmy was the spiritual advisor last year and now Makhosi is this year, so it has been good to be able to talk to them and even have them help out in getting guys to come to different things and seeing how the students are doing in their walks with God.

these are just some of the students that I have been meeting with for the past few weeks, there are more, but I wanted to give a little perspective on what is happening with God and the guys that He is bringing into my life, so that He can work through me to see their lives changed.

If you could pray for these guys that would be so great! :

Obk — that God would open Obk’s eyes to His glory and that Obk would find out for himself the love and grace that God gives to those who believe.  That Obk would see that Jesus is the only way to Heaven and the party that is waiting there.

Muta — that he would continue in reading with word and seeing what God wants from him and how much God loves him for nothing he did or will do, but just for who Muta is.  That he would also strengthen in being bold in Christ and talk with his friends that need the gospel in their lives.

Bogonie / Zek / Vincient — That they would continue to seek God in everything they do and be bold to the other 300 or so guys living next to them in the Dorm.  That they would bring their friends to the Bible study and would share with them the wonder and glory of God and what Jesus did for us on the Cross.

Jimmy / Makhosi — That they would help the students in questions that they might have and that they would point all the students to Christ and His pament on the Cross.  That they would grow as well in their faith, so that they could be able to talk with the students and help them find the way.



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