The way to the alternative

One of my friends here in Pretoria, who is involved with Crusade and who loves the heavy metal music (mostly Christian, but anything really), gave me a pamphlet called “Art of Breathing”.  The picture on the front shows a frail person with a gun shot in his chest.  Now I am not saying go out and shoot people because its Godly, no its not, but this pamphlet is focused towards the Gothic and “alternative” groups of people that is mostly shunned from Society.  They are the ones that fall to the Columbine shootings (not saying all do) but if we don’t love them as equals, then nothing will get better.  This pamphlet is directed towards them in a way that pulls at their thinking and opens them up to the wonderful world of Jesus Christ.  It’s like Paul, in 1 Cor. 9:19-23, saying that he makes himself the same as those that he is trying to reach and this group, the Torch Bearers, is doing that same thing.  What a great idea and I will give bits and pieces from it here and there, but I wanted to share a few things on this post.

Torchbearers is a multi-denominational group standing in unity under the banner of Jesus Christ. We are called to serve in the alternative community to reach those traditionally rejected and forgotten by the church, by engaging them where they are and within their culture. Our aim is to challenge and change skewed perceptions people hold about Christianity by shifting their focus from Christians to Jesus Christ Himself. In so doing awaken a hunger for God, that He may breathe life into them. We plan to do this through the forming of meaningful relationships, by discipling and by unifying all the Christians in the community in small groups or cells within the various churches. We do all this in obedience to God’s Word, out of love, to show a rarely seen side of God and for His eternal glory.

Dear God

I hate myself, How can you love me?

Inside myself I want back my death, But I want your life.

I am confused.

All these eyes have seen, All these lies I’ve spoken

I am the Devil

Jesus, man I want, oh I want to choose your love

but my mind won’t let me choose,

This thing of death, it steals my choice

I want to serve Satan, but I want your love

I want to be your servant, but my hand is stretched toward the devil

With words my mouth can confess, but my heart is no place for you

I want to choose, I want to live – and die

I want it all, I can’t decide…

This is just one of the pages in the pamphlet that show someones thoughts and prayer towards God.  Through the whole thing the Gospel of Jesus Christ comes out and shines in the darkness that they might be in and they might think they are reading.  The artistry is much of death and darkness, but it brings those in that crave that, and shows them the light of Jesus.   Pray that through this, those students and teenagers that dwell in their own darkness will grab hold of this and realize the better life and the way to true living.  Pray that this group will reach many and that through what they are doing, they will come even close to their Savior and Father, and live for Him in all they do!


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