Let it continue…

I guess on my last post, I didn’t finish the prayer that continued on the next page in the pamphlet called Art of Breathing.  I am glad for my friend to point that out to me, because I do not want to shorten or change the message of what it is all about.  Here is the rest….

Who am I that you should come to me? Why would you think upon this vulgar thing? I was like the beast that walks on four, like a vulture – ravenous for all that rots and is decaying, yearning like a dog to return to my vomit.

But in this loathsome, repulsive state when I had made no effort to reach out, nor was my words any cry or plead for mercy, I, in hopeless, vile, unworthy fashion – cursing all you are.  You looked at me in tender mercy, your eyes with tears unknown to me, a drop of blood there on your brow, you came to turn the other cheek! My words not cold of hate, despondent the echoes in my mind of shame as your blood dripped on my slander. Your wounds I knew from denigration.

You looked at me with tear-filled eyes, I tried to turn and hid my shame, but your response to all this filth, you simply said my name. “Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by your name. You are mine.” A flash of glory… At once the voice inside the stilled, I saw love I could not fathom, the silence burning deep inside.

I looked to see where filth had gone, I tried to show you I’m unworthy, but all I found was blood so thick I could not see my own reflection. Your blood dissolved away the thought, a spark of passion… Then tears welled up inside an eye, emotion flooding every whore… A drop of rain…


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