Living and Active today!

I have been going to Church here in South Africa at a place called Mars Hill Church with Pastor Mark Driscoll.  Yeah, I am actually listening to his pod casts and have been following his series entitled Trial : 8 Witnesses  From 1 & 2 Peter.  I really, really like His third sermon in the series called Trial and Scripture, which is over Ch. 1 verses 10-12!  You can hear his sermon with that link, I think you will like it, or maybe it’s just me.

Driscoll does a very good job of connecting the Old Testament and New Testament with the prophets prophesying about Jesus and His coming to earth and then the apostles and gospels telling of the things that came true.  God’s book, the Bible, is all about Jesus, the hero “He is the savior of the Bible”.

Salvation by Grace through the sufferings and glory of Jesus Christ! That is what the Bible is all about…

This sermon was a new way for me to look at the Holy Scriptures and realize how wonderful and magnificent these Words mean for us today and how true all of it is.  The Bible is not just a book for us to do morally good things and follow what other good people did in the Bible.  I really liked what Driscoll said, “Religious people moralizing the Bible… they will say that there are good people and bad people, so do what the good people do and don’t do what the bad people do and turn it into a bunch of moral stories.  The problem is… There are bad people and one good guy, Jesus and we killed Him, that’s how bad we are…”

It’s all about Jesus

Listen…  You might like it!


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