Why is that in there?

I have been reading through the book of Genesis, wanting to read through the old testament to understand from it of what I should be doing today and what God is speaking through it.  I read Ch. 38 today and was confussed of why it was in the Bible.  Now I totally believe that the whole Bible was written and breathed into by God through writers.  All of the Bible is from God and so it is all good.  I started to look up information about what others thought about this chapter.  This is what the ESV Study Bible Online says:

Readers are likely to be shocked by the sexually oriented content of this chapter, with its references to spilled semen and prostitution. Nevertheless, the unsavory account of Judah’s relationship with Tamar, which interrupts the ongoing story of Joseph’s time in Egypt, fulfills an important role in Genesis, for it focuses on the continuation of Judah’s family line and concludes with a birth account in which a firstborn twin is pushed aside by his younger brother. In light of preceding episodes, these features highlight the potential importance of Judah’s line through Perez (v. 29). Later, in ch. 49, kingship will be associated with Judah’s descendants, and biblical history reveals that from Perez comes the Davidic dynasty (see Ruth 4:18-22). Although this chapter shows Judah at his worst, it also accounts for a remarkable transformation in his life, which comes through in the remaining episodes of the Joseph story. Further, Judah provides a stark contrast to the chaste Joseph in Genesis 39: though he suffered for his chastity, Joseph’s behavior is the right way to bring blessing to the Gentiles.

The Word of God is for our benefit, even though a lot of times we don’t understand what it means, or why its in there.  It is for God’s glory and is fully God breathed.  Because His Word is living and active today, we can use it, learn from it, and follow in it for today’s lifestyle.


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