BEAM Africa

‘Biblical Education And Ministry’, is the reason why BEAM Africa finds ways to help those in the community of Nalmapias, a township of Pretoria.  BEAM is in need of Help! The ‘church’ right next door to BEAM is not wanting the children to play on their land, the ‘church’ has increase BEAM’s rent a thousand more than before, and is now not allowing BEAM to use the bathrooms that BEAM had renivated.  BEAM desperiatly needs a place for the kids to play and a bigger place for the kids to eat.  A couple of weeks ago they did not even have a roof over the kids heads for when they had lunch, but now by the grace of God, there has been a roof built for the kids to have shade and protection when they eat.

God is working in and through that ministryand Erica, who is the owner of this ministry, but Satan is really beating it down and those that work there becuase he is afraid of what they can do!  Please be praying that God will continually destroy Satan’s attacks and strenghten those that work there.  You can help by going to their website, and support a kid.   THANKS!


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