The weeks of February

The first week seemed to be the start of a somewhat regular schedule and system of things going on here in South Africa.  We had our first Staff meeting on Monday and later that day we had our first outreach for the students to learn to share their faith.  That was when I met Muta, who was really only involved with the outreach, from what Renier (my Campus Director) had told me about him.  Muta is a Christian and it has been a really enjoyable time getting to know him and what God is doing in and through his life.  Wednesday of that week we had our outreach again, not too many students show for that one, and Thursday was out first weekly meeting.  It was there that I was able to meet OBK, a guy that I have talked about earlier, but one who had a really crazy story of how he came to hear about Crusade.  He was introduced by a couple of guys from the States that came last summer on a summer project and he decided to come to the meetings at the start of this year.  He is not a believer, but I do believe that God is working mightily in Obk’s life back to Himself.  That Friday, we had a Brie out on the sports grounds which was a ton of fun, and a great time for myself and Dan (who’s STINTing with me and working on the same campus) to get to know the guys better and to make a bigger connection with them.

The leadership counsel (s0rt 0f sounds like sitting at the round table) of students goes like this:  Lucas is the chair person, and he pretty much oversees everything that deals with Crusade.  Lucas is a really fun guy to be around and really loves Jesus.  Paul is the Prayer coordinator and leads the 6:30 am Wensday morning prayer time.  Paul is such a great guy that loves the lord and wants everyone to be loved by God and to know that they are loved.  SJ is the Communications coordinator within Crusade, helping everyone know what is going on through out the weeks. He is also a great worship leader and one that loves God through everything he does.  Theunis is the Marketing and fiancial coordinator, working on how to get the word out around Pretoria and UP.  He loves God and wants what is best for God’s work at UP.  (There are some women on the leadership team, but I thought I would just stick to the guys).  to be continued…


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