The Weeks of February pt. 2

Continuing on with the next week of February (9-14), myself and Dan were able to go on to another campus, called Groenkloof, which is the educational campus in Pretoria.  We were able to meet a couple guys that are the spiritual advisers for the guy’s dorm, Jimmy and Makhosi.  Both guys love the lord and are excited for what we are doing there and are really want to help out as best that they can.  We also meet four guys that we are doing a Bible study with; Bogonie, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Vincent.  All of those guys really want to know more about God and have a lot questions that keeps us on our toes.  The next day, I met Darius, who is a great guy to hang around with and has a great sense of humor.  I met one of his friends Landon, the next day, and they are both growing greatly with God and having a lot of questions themselves.  That Saturday, James and I went to the sports complex and found some guys that were playing basketball, which was a glorious gift, to play that sport and release some needed energy.

The next week (16-21) myself and Dan were able to meet a guy named Lawerence, who met with some of the guys from the project this past summer.  hopefully we can be able to meet with him more and see if we can get him involved with what is going on.  That week I was getting ready to give a talk at Crusade about Time Management.  That is a hard subject to talk about, cause there is not one specific passage that totally talks about that.  I was able to get a few verses that directed everything towards Jesus and how are time needs to be given to Him and in that, He will give us the time we need to get things done.  Another guy that I have been meeting is Ruan, and he is not a christian but is one that really thinks deeply and has a lot of questions about how life is and the point to it all.  I don’t get to meet with him too often, but those times are a lot of fun just to discuss about things and see what all the points to the discussion are.  Please pray for him, that God would open his eyes to the mystries of who God is and why He made humans just to live and die in glorifying God.  Pray that God would use me through the conversations that I have with Ruan and that I will continually not get frustrated with him as well as some of the others guys, when they don’t understand.  I have been able to learn from some great men and have lived longer than they.  Pray for my patience in Christ and my Love for them as God loves them for He made all in His Image.


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