Jesus Film SA!

Saturday night was my first time helping out with the Jesus Film.  It was shown on the outskirts of Pretoria to, I guess you could call it a township, but it really wasn’t, more or less just people living in tin shacks trying to get by.  The place they lived was a grassy field, with a small area in the middle that someone had chopped down to the dirt.  One side had Zimbabweans living together and the other side had South African living together, speaking Northern Zutu, and they both hated each other.  There was also such a stark contrast from where these people were living and how they were living, to the surrounding area.  Up on a hill, there is a giant Church, Dutch Reformed, that can hold from 5000 to 7000 people.  We drove through their parking lot to get to the field where we set up the film, and you can see it clearly from where we were at during the night.  Behind this huge Church, from left to right, can be seen a very large suburben population, and I was told that it was the riches suburb in all of Pretoria.  On the other side of the Suburb, there were two malls that were both fairly expensive and were expansive in nature.

To see all of that and the money that was probably put into all of those structures, and then look at the men and women who were milling around in this field, not having anything to do except drink and smoke, made me think twice about the times that I complained about the smallest of things and not relying in God.  It also put a hurting on my heart thinking that these people could see all of the beautiful building and everything around them, but for the most part the people around them didn’t even notice or care about them.  I spent most of the night praying for the surrounding area, that God would put on some of the people’s hearts to come and be of service to these people that didn’t have anything at all.

Out of the 100 or so men and women that were there, probably 50 or so of them prayed the prayer and then we were able to share with them what they did and what to do next.  Please pray that they did not just pray the prayer becuase the person next to them prayed it.  Pray that God spoke through the video and them being there, so that they truly felt a call to become a child of God.  Pray that they would believe what they said and that others would be able to come to them and help them grow.  Pray that God was used in a might way that night and that those that prayed the pray would share with others about what God did to them and that they could get bibles in their native language or even in english, that they could continue to be taugh by God through His word.

Hopefully I can put some pictures up here in the next week or so…


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