A Little rest and relaxation…

Tomorrow, myself and the others living in Pretoria will be heading to Durban for a Staff Conference with all of South African Campus Crusade Staff.  The conference will be for 4 days, and then we will stay 3 days longer.  Durban is right by the Indian Ocean and the hotel where we are staying at is right by the beach, so pretty much every chance I can get I will be on the beach in some sense.  This time will be good to get a way from Pretoria for a little while, get to see some more of South Africa and to just relax for a little while.  It will hopefully be a good time to be refreshed with the Lord and with friends.

The theme for this staff conference is all about rebuilding a team and having good relations with one another.  It is also about how to have things be of a healthy nature and feeling of importance for each person.  There has been some big issues within Crusade here in South Africa, leaving a lot of the staff feeling disrespected and not important, as well as just not feeling excited about doing the work set before them.  Please pray that this week will be enlightening and fulfilling of what God wants to happen during this time.  Pray that hearts will be mended and relationships will be restored.  Thanks!


One Response to “A Little rest and relaxation…”

  1. Hey, i’ve just come from Durban. it’s a beautiful place. I worked with the charity iThemba, Please read my blog post to find out a bit more 🙂


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