What’s good about football

This is a little excerpt from HuskerExtra.com about the Quarterback camp that Watson and his team is putting on.  Written by BRIAN CHRISTOPHERSON of the Lincoln Journal Star, it talks about what is going to happen today.

“Starting Sunday, there will be about 95 high school quarterbacks on Nebraska’s campus — including Husker recruiting commit Tyler Gabbert — taking part in Watson’s Elite Quarterback Academy.”

Most people look at the player and performance of the person, and usually not his personality or character.  They are more focused on the outward appearance than what is on the inside of the individual.  Watson, on the other hand, is one to look deeper into a kid of 17 or 18 years of age, instead of just looking at his highlights.

“We’ve had some great arms in here,” Watson said. “The thing that I get out of it the most from the recruiting aspect is that I get to work with the character of the kid. Because you can see the talent on film, but the character is what in the end is going to make the player, and how hard they work. Do they take to coaching easy? Because I really push them on the field. We teach, but we push them.

“If I say it, can they take it and put it in action? I can get a real, clear understanding of what every kid’s like when it’s done, who learns fast, who gets it, whose got the ‘it’ factor.”

A Few years back, Nebraska as a football team and coaching staff, were not really doing this much at all.  It was all about the high profile and glamor, how good a kid look and how many stars he got from the so called know it all recruit analysts.  I am glad that we are getting back to the basics and what is really good about football, the heart and character of a player and helping them build that for their lives to come, either on the playing field or wherever they may go.


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