nothing’s impossible

There are so many time where we as humans come into a situation, not looking for the best in it, but the worst and making a claim that its already impossible to accomplish.  And that’s with any kind of situation, or circumstance.  Nonbelievers have to rely in their own strength, that don’t know of anything else.  Believers can do the same, even though we have someone that actually wants to help (if its in His will), who is powerful and mighty.  It’s God, if you haven’t guessed, and we have His promise in the Bible that if we trust in Him and follow His will, nothing will be impossible.

“With God nothing will be impossible.”  Luke 1:37 NKJV

This is from a message that I got from a lady trying to prayerfully follow after Christ.  This is a little of what she said: 

I know this is a verse I’ve heard over and over again, but I find that sometimes I forget it. I know it by heart, but I sometimes fail to remember that the God of the Universe, the Ruler of ALL things, is in control, that nothing is impossible for Him. I find that more times than not, when I come to a tough situation, if I REMEMBER that to our GOD nothing is impossible, all I need to do is let go and let GOD handle that situation. My prayer is that I will learn to do this with EVERYTHING that comes my way, and I hope that is your prayer as well. All we have to do is turn everything over to GOD and He will take care of it. Isn’t our GOD amazing? Merlanda Klein

This is a promise from our most High God, and we can take it for what it is worth because of who God is.  Let us not look to ourselves to get things done, but look to the heavens for His working in and through our lives.


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