meeting some good guys

In April, about the third week,  I was able to share with a guy that was already a Christian, or so he says, and get him involved with what Crusade is doing on the campus of Tuks-Pretoria.  Patrick is his name and when I first meet him, I was able to give another one of the guys that I meet with a change to share with Patrick what God has meant in his life which was really exciting to experience.  Patrick is going through confirmation at the Catholic church that he is attending, but wanted to get involved with something on campus.  Muta, who was the guy that came with me to share the gospel to Patrick, was asking me some questions that same week about God sovereignty in the face of natural disasters and other forms of disasters that take human lives.  I had a book that I got for free from the Desiring God conference this past September entitled What is Providence by Derek W. H. Thomas,  which really explains the answers that I was trying to give him.  I really like giving information and tools to others, tools that have helped me out in different situations, and that book gave Muta a new incite to the realities of how Big God is.

The next week as I went onto the Groenkloof campus, I was introduced to a guy through someone else I knew in the res and started talking with him about Christ and being born again.  His passion was evident because he sure loved to argue the specifics of Christianity and the circumstances of those that called themselves Christians.  I won’t get into the specifics of our different conversations, but it was good for me and enjoyable to share my thoughts and sort of argue with him on different subjects and issues of the Christian faith and how we are suppose to live our lives.  His name was also Patrick, and it was fun to come every Monday to the res, not just because of the Bible study that I was leading over there, but to also have stimulating conversations and help build in my own mind how to share my beliefs correctly to different crowds.  That same week, I was able to meet with a guy that was in his last year of college and looking to the future and what he will do in the business world when he graduates.  Bahati is his name, and he is looking to start his own on-line company, I can’t remember the specifics, but he is really yearning to use what he has learned in Christ to share with those around him.  He wanted to start meeting with me to grow more in his faith, but also get some more insight into what he can do with the things that he has after college.

These guys were just some of the men that I was able to get to know the last few weeks of classes, and by God’s will they will continue on next semester and after I leave, because i really don’t matter… God does!


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