Last two weeks of April

I thought that I was going to be working most of the time here in South Africa, but I was strongly mistaken because of all the holidays they seem to take off the cuff.  I was totally fine with the circumstances, but it did give a bit of a problem in deciding exactly what to do for that time.  Election day was on the second to last Wednesday and good ole Zuma became the president for South Africa, (without any rioting or bad blood, thank God).  The next week flew by with little notice because of the holiday on Monday and the holiday on Friday (I should try and remember all of these holidays, but its too many and overloading my brain capacity).  Tuesday was also a day not on campus, but was used wisely in Crusade’s yearly day of prayer.  We prayed for the Continent as a whole, we prayed for individual countries in North Africa and for countries in Central Africa and then we prayed for Countries around and close to our border.  We prayed for our country, the leaders and president, and those that held high positions in the country.  We then prayed for each group of Crusade workers around the country, from Cape Town, to Johannesburg, to Pretoria, and Durban.  We prayed for the world cup and all who were coming as stinters and others to help for that great event.  It was a lot of praying, but it was a good time to have by all.


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