The helping time of May

The month of May was the start to colder months to come and winter for South Africa.  The students were starting to slow down on campus and getting ready to speed up on their study habits for the finals soon to come.  The committee members wanted to help the poor out during the winter months, so they decided to do a blanket drive for the students on campus to get involved with something bigger than themselves.  We ran the project for the whole last week of classes, asking for blankets, clothes, canned foods and whatever else they wanted to give.  We determined to give everything to BEAM and the kids that came there.  To get more students involved, we somewhat tricked them by giving out free hot chocolate for the students on campus during two cold days of the week.  The total amount that we were able to gather and raise was around 10 big black plastic bags.  To see the kids faces and the enjoyment of their actions for getting the small things that we take for granted most days of your life, was a real blessing for me and the others that came to BEAM at the end of the week. 

Another cool part about our week of collecting was the interest of one of the guys that I have been disciplining.  On his own and without any prodding, he decided to go and talk with the director of the library on campus as well as the directors of the res’ to try and get the information about what we were trying to do for the kids at BEAM.  He went out of his way to try and get more of the students involved, even though it didn’t work out to help us, it was still an enjoyable and thrilling sight to see him striving and leading in a way that wasn’t pressed upon him.

God is definitely working and moving in the lives of the students and in this country.


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