What’s this? oh… Farve

I thought these were too good to pass up and thanks for the quotes guys…

Brett Favre: possibly the most attention-needy player in the history of the NFL. TO and Ochocinco have nothing on Favre. His goal in life is to be the headline of sports news come every football offseason. Grow up, move on dude…we’re tired of you and your drama.  Tae Cho

Say what you will about the flip-flopping Favre…but the truth, as I see it, and that will eventually come out, is that this man does not want to spend ANY TIME with his family. This guy is home for 5 months and realizes that if he stays home one day longer…he’ll go “mental” on every single one of them.

Years from now a book will be written by his (divorced) wife or a neglected child, spewing the truth.

Plus…he’s ruined all his endorsement deals. Who’s to believe anything he says, promotes, advertises? He is the world champion flopper of flips.    Dale O’Brien


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