All about the truth

…If religion means anything to us, it means everything- Horatius Bonar

I would have to say “If truth means anything to us…” because in this day and age religion is so different in terms of how things are run than centuries ago.  Some Christians think it best to sugarcoat the gospel and make things seeker friendly for those that are looking for something better.  If we give them that, and that’s all they know, its not the true gospel and somewhere down the line in their life they will stumble upon the true facts and might fall off because of the lies and fibs that were given to them earlier on.  we need to give everyone the true gospel so that they can be able to get the whole picture of who God is instead of just one little part.

Here is an excerpt from John Piper on why being truth-driven is so crucial: 2) Not Loving the Truth Is Eternally Ruinous — 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 – “They will perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.”

“There is a tendency in this age to throw doctrinal truth into the shade. Too many preachers are offended with that stern truth which the Covenanters held, and to which the Puritans testified in the midst of a licentious age. We are told that the times have changed; that we are to modify these old (so-called) Calvinistic doctrines, and bring them down to the tone of the times; that, in fact, they need dilution, than men have become so intelligent that we must pare off the angles of our religion, and make the square into a circle by rounding off the most prominent edges. Any man who doth this, so far as my judgment goes, does not declare the whole counsel of God. The faithful minister must be plain, simple, pointed, with regard to these doctrines. There must be no dispute about whether he believes them or not. He must so preach them that his hearers will know whether he preaches a scheme of freewill, or a covenant of grace — whether he teaches salvation by works, or salvation by the power and grace of God.”

Excerpted from C. H. Spurgeon’s sermon #289 “THE MINISTER’S FAREWELL

Published in NPSP Vol 6, Year 1860, pg. 25, Acts 20:26-27


One Response to “All about the truth”

  1. The Pastor had said that God does not let us to talk to anyone who drinks wine, but this is a rather distorted, extreme interpretation of the Bible. The Bible clearly says WE ARE NOT TO FELLOWSHIP WITH A CHRISTIAN PERSON WHO GETS DRUNK.. now that is really different from not talking to any of the people who drink wine.. and why is this pastor so ready not to talk with others now too? so ready to smite them, to kick them out of church? If you have love for someone you are willing to talk with them, but if you do not have love for them, especially if, when you know they do not support you, do not agree with your presentation, do not agree with your point of view, you as a pastor too no can personally can instead refuse to love them, you refuse to talk to them, you find any excuse to reject, ostracize, divorce them basically to deny, to cover up the unacceptable reality that you yourself the pastor actually do not have any love for them.

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