Sticking to what’s right

I hear all of this stuff about Bo Pelini dismissing Castille and it possibly being an ego thing, or Bo doesn’t know what he’s doing, or it has to do with being hotheaded and wanting power and fame all for himself.  Come on people, really? You don’t even know what exactly happened and your getting all pissed off.  I am sure that what ever Castille did, it was probably over an extended period of time and something that he had been told to stop at least a couple times.  Just like the saying goes “Bo knows” and that is all we need.  He has the right frame of reference on how he wants this team to work and to move into the future, in a good way and as respectable young men.  Here is a little excerpt from Bo:

Tom Shatel: On whether he’s concerned that he might be giving up an edge to other programs who give multiple chances to players in order to compete for championships:

“I believe I’m very fair. I think everybody’s a little different. I’m not only concerned about whether we win or not, I’m concerned about how we do it. And my job is not only to win football games, it’s to prepare our guys for the rest of their life. I believe that from the bottom of my heart, and sometimes to do that, it means you’ve got to give them a wake-up call. Whether every coach in the country believes that, I don’t care. They can run their program the way they want it. I’ll run mine my way. If ultimately some day it costs me my job, I can look in the mirror.


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