Running around

This past Friday, myself, some of the students from UP and the ladies working with me, that live in Pretoria, traveled to BEAM for another day of running around and playing different sports with the kids.  It was a good time had by all, and some new students got to experience what BEAM was trying to do for the township of Nelmapias.  Myself and the other STINT women determined that there were approximately 120 kids that came that day.  I have said in past blogs that the kids really have no where to play since the Church next to BEAM decided to not let the kids play on the field in between the two buildings. The place where they eat is a very small place as well and the kids are spilling over to the small grassy area’s just outside of the under covered cement area.

Last week I totally saw the effects of those two situations, and it really saddened my heart.  The only place where the kids could play was in the street and we pretty much covered the whole place for about half a block.  The worst fact of it all is the people that speed past that road and only give a quick honk for the kids to get out of the way.  Please keep praying that Erika and those that are helping her will find a place suitable for the kids to have enough room to run around and play safely as well as a big enough area for them all to eat under the shade.


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