Relationships, living together, and nothing God-centered

I have seen too many relationships and marriages go down the drain because of a base that is set on the wrong things.  Make it about the future, it doesn’t last; make it about the money, it doesn’t last; make it about the long time together, doesn’t last; make it about the physical touch, doesn’t last.  One person I know is on her 10th boyfriend, lived with probably 4 of them and none of those relationship had any lasting goodness to them.  Another person I know got married because the person they had married were with them since high school and it was common sense to get married.  Their marriage didn’t last as long as everyone thought it would.  I have heard of other situations where either people have lived together before marriage, slept together before marriage, or even thought of no one else for marriage, most of those relationship fell away.

Why do these relationships fail? well, I think its one factor and one factor only, what is at the center of that relationship.  And if that relationship is not centered around God, it probably won’t last or be any kind of a wonderful marriage that everyone hopes for and looks for in a fairy tale.  God made marriage to be a holy and unified partnership of a man and a women, that when followed after God’s word, it will be a wonderful and joyous marriage (even with the different hard circumstances that come along).  If we focus on the marriage being from God and centered around him, we should make it a priority to not live with anyone before marriage, to not sleep with anyone or have much intimate activity withany one, especially for those thinking of marriage, so that the relationship will be fully focused on Christ and having Him be glorified.

Hebrews 13:4 “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will Judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.”


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