Go with the flow Lee

Here are a few quotes that I found from different Husker sites.  I am confident in Lee and even if he does mess up once or twice, its not the end of the world.

—-  About Zac Lee: “He’s one of those guys who’s extremely confident and he’s very talented, probably more athletic than Joe, can run better than Joe. He can make all the throws. He can do everything you ask the quarterback to do. … In the spring, he didn’t want to sit in the pocket very long. The first sign of getting pressure, he was going to run, he was going to take off. You can’t play fooftball like that. You have to be able to push the pocket, sit in there …  and not be antsy. He came a long ways in that regards. He wasn’t quite there at the end of spring but I really feel confident about where he is right now.” ~ Bo Pelini // Brian Christopherson

—- I asked Pelini if, as a defensive coach, he does anything in particular to rattle first-year starting quarterbacks.
Depends on the quarterback in question, he said.
“There might be somebody out there who says, ‘Zac Lee’s a first-time quarterback, I’m going to blitz him all day,’ ” Pelini said. “Whatever. I hope they do.” ~ Steven M Sipple

—- HuskerExtra.com — Lincoln, Nebraska, Post intitled – Lee gets his turn reaching for star status by Brian christopherson / Lincoln Journal Star


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