Blaming who?

If you are going to blame one person on the Nebraska football team, you better just blame them all, every single one of them and the coaches too.  There should be one singling out on one person totally screwing the win up for the team.  It was a team effort and a team failure.  I would like to see a lot of you who are complaining and crying over someone’s bad choice of action, to get in there and try it out for yourself.  I am pretty sure not to many people can play at their level, so let’s give them a break and hope they learn from this lession, which I am pretty sure they will do…

I hope Bo see more in the football game than just this, and think he does, he just wants to motivate the players…

Added Pelini: “We did some good things; a lot that we need to get fixed. In the end, we didn’t make the play. I don’t measure on yards or how we play. You’ve got to win the football game. We didn’t win the football game so we didn’t play good enough in any phase of the game. I measure it on results. That’s how we measure things around here.”

Bo: ‘We’re going to rise up’

Posted by: Steve Sipple on September 21, 2009 at 7:11PM CST

Bo Pelini on Monday made it clear that if his team falls short, the responsibility rests with the coaching staff first.

“I’m not the type of coach, and we’re not the type of staff, that washes our hands of responsibility,” he said after practice. “We don’t point fingers. If things aren’t getting done, it extends well beyond the players. It’s extends right to us, and we point the thumb at ourselves first.

“We’re going to keep working to get it done.”

He added, “Execution starts with me first and extends on through the staff and right on down to the players. We all take responsibility. Bottom line is, we didn’t come out with a win (Saturday). It’s over. Time to move on and we need to make this a fuel to make us a better football team rather than a distraction that can make us divide. We won’t let it happen. We know how to address that.

“That’s the challenge that lies ahead. I love those challenges. And our football team loves those challenges. We’re going to rise up.”


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