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All about the water

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Here are the final things that Water can do.  I am sure that there are plenty more and you can’t stop needing water for something, so keep drinking!

Cure #1: Dump the Tums and cure heartburn. Heartburn may be a signal of water shortage in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a major thirst signal of the human body. The use of antacids or tablet medications in the treatment of this pain does not correct dehydration, and the body continues to suffer as a result of its water shortage. Tragedy: Not recognizing heartburn as a sign of dehydration and treating it with antacids and pill medications will, in time, produce inflammation of the stomach and duodenum, hiatal hernia, ulceration, and eventually cancers in the gastrointestinal tract, including the liver and pancreas.

Cure #3: Back pain. Low Back Pain and Ankylosing Arthritis of the Spine may be signs of water shortage in the spinal column and discs – the spinal cushions that support the weight of the body. These conditions should be treated with increased water intake – not a commercial treatment, but a very effective one. Tragedy: Not recognizing arthritis and low back pain as signs of dehydration in the joint cavities and treating them with pain-killers, manipulation, acupuncture, and eventually surgery will, in time, produce osteoarthritis when the cartilage cells in the joints have eventually all died. It will produce deformity of the spine. It will produce crippling deformities of the limbs. Pain medications have their own life-threatening complications.

Cure #8: High blood pressure. Hypertension is a state of adaptation of the body to a generalized drought when there is not enough water to fill all the blood vessels which diffuse water into vital cells. As part of the mechanism of reverse osmosis, when water from the serum is filtered and injected into important cells through minute holes in their membranes, extra pressure is needed for the “injection process.” Just as we inject I.V. “water” in hospitals, so the body injects water into tens of trillions of cells all at the same time. Water intake will bring blood pressure back to normal! Tragedy: Not recognizing hypertension as one of the major indicators of dehydration in the human body, and treating it with diuretics that further dehydrate the body will, in time, cause blockage by cholesterol of the heart arteries and the arteries that go to the brain. It will cause heart attacks and small or massive strokes that paralyze. It will eventually cause kidney diseases. It will cause brain damage and neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Cure #9: Adult-onset diabetes. Adult-Onset Diabetes is another adaptive state to severe dehydration of the human body. To have adequate water in circulation and for the brain’s priority water needs, the release of insulin is inhibited to prevent insulin from pushing water into all body cells. In diabetes only some cells get survival rations of water. Water will reverse adult-onset diabetes in its early stages. Tragedy: Not recognizing adult-onset diabetes as a complication of dehydration may, in time, cause massive damage to the blood vessels all over the body. It may cause eventual loss of the toes, feet and legs from gangrene. It may cause eye damage, even blindness.

The point is, it WILL improve your health, it IS free, and it IS the right thing to do. And as long as you don’t ignore your doctor’s advice (which by the way is to drink 8-10 8oz glasses of water per day) there is absolutely no risk. No risk, no cost, no travel, definite improvements.

So what are you waiting on?

Drink up!

What’s going to happen next Huskers?

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I don’t really have much to say on this topic, but I thought these two posts by Tom Shatel and Steve Sipple were good enough to say what I wanted to.


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“If any of you should ask me for an epitome of the Christian religion, I should say that it is in one word- Prayer. Live and die without prayer, and you will pray long enough when you get to hell.” Spurgeon

It is so true, because that is one of the main ways we talk and communicate to God.  If we are without that connection to God Most High, then we will start to depend on our abilities and thoughts, which is not a good tactic in this life.  Continue to trust in Him and ask for everything that you know you are lacking, not just money and happiness, but for a better knowledge of Christ and a stronger love for Him.

Prayer is not getting something FROM God; it’s doing something WITH God. The challenge is to develop a prayer life that is more about God than you  A helpful way to do this:

Pray “Father, I adore you…” Finish the phrase with reasons we have to adore God.

Pray “Jesus, I love you…” Finish with reasons we have to love Jesus.

Pray “Spirit, I need you…” Finish with reasons we need the Holy Spirit.

(taken from Judy Brower)

Pray about who God is, and what He means to your life. Pray for Jesus to cleanse the sinful parts of your body and your thoughts and mouth; pray that Jesus would show you more of your sin and help in giving you new parts and a new spirit. Pray for wisdom and guidance so that you can be able to live your life for God in and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray not only for yourself, but also pray for others. Pray for Salvation for those that don’t know Christ; pray for those that are Christians but are not living their lives for Christ, that they would see their sin and turn from it; pray for strength to those that are Christians, that they would live and work through the power of the Holy Spirit. And then pray for specific prayer requests as well. There can never be enough praying, and God will never have a full capacity, that would not allow Him to receive anymore prayers, He is always open for them and willing to listen.

Oh me and the law

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I could probably write a book about the different experiences that I have had with law enforcement over the past 10 or so years, but I won’t.  I will explain what happened to me the last night that myself and James would probably be in Jo-Burg for a while.  I did not get arrested, I did forget my license, and we did switch drivers and got away without any hassle.

To start off, I went for a run today at the Sports complex that is on the other side of Duncan (i.e. street name in Pretoria) and decided to put all of my pocket items in my bag, one of which was my wallet that I put in my side compartment, for some reason that I can’t figure out right now.  Came home after a good run and taking some pictures around the complex, and got ready to head to Jo-Burg for a night with a couple of friends that went to school at the University of Johannesburg, Lerato and Balokile. As we got into the car and started to drive out of our apartment, I stated that I forgot my wallet (and so my license), but it was OK cause I had money in my pocket and the police never really do anything anyways around here, from what I had seen.

The end of the night we were dropping the guys off at their homes and ran into a road block.  I rolled down the window and she asked if I had my license. I looked at James, either thinking he could do something magical or that we had just talked about this earlier in the evening, I looked back at the officer and said I didn’t have it.  She went through a great long spiel about “if you get into a car you should have your license… before you put the key in the ignition you should have your license…” which was all true, but sort of funny.  Then she asked if I drank at all tonight, and I told here nothing but water.  So, I pulled over to the side of the road (which was in a suburb part of Jo-Burg), after hearing I might need to get breathalyzed, and waited for what was to happen.  Myself and James, mostly James, told her what we were doing and who we were, where we were from, that sort of thing. James said that he could drive and she right away said “why don’t you drive, since you have the license.” That was a great deal for us and she let a go.  It was definitely the grace of God that nothing else happened and for her being so gracious to us in just letting us go. I could have been close to jail in two countries, not just one.

More good affects of water!

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Here are a few more things that water can help your body out in the long run:

Cure #2: Water may prevent and cure arthritis. Rheumatoid Joint Pain – Arthritis – may be a signal of water shortage in the painful joint. It can affect the young as well as the old. The use of pain-killers does not cure the problem, but exposes the person to further damage from pain medications.  Intake of water will cure this problem.

Cure #4: Angina. Heart Pain – Angina – can be a sign of water shortage in the heart/lung axis. It should be treated with increased water intake until the patient is free of pain and independent of medications. Medical supervision is prudent. However, increased water intake may be your cure for angina.

Cure #6: Colitis. Colitis Pain is a signal of water shortage in the large gut. It is associated with constipation because the large intestine constricts to squeeze too much water from the excrements – thus the lack of water lubrication. Tragedy: Not recognizing colitis pain as a sign of dehydration will cause persistent constipation, which can result in fecal impacting, verticulitis, hemorrhoids, polyps, and appreciably increase the possibility of developing cancers of the colon and rectum.

Cure #7: Asthma. Asthma, which also affects 12,000,000 children and kills several thousands of them every year, is a complication of dehydration in the body. It is caused by the drought management programs of the body. Free passage of air is obstructed so that water does not leave the body in the form of vapor – the winter steam. Increased water intake will prevent asthma attacks. Tragedy: Not recognizing asthma as the indicator of dehydration in growing children not only will sentence many thousands of children to die every year, but will permit irreversible genetic damage to establish in the remaining asthmatic children.

Cure #10: Blood cholesterol. High Cholesterol levels are an indicator of early drought management by the body. Cholesterol is a clay-like material that is poured in the gaps of some cell membranes to safeguard them from losing their vital water content to the osmotically more powerful blood circulating in their vicinity. Cholesterol, apart from being used to manufacture nerve cell membranes and hormones, is also used as a “shield” against water taxation of other vital cells that would normally exchange water through their cell membranes.

Cure #11: Depression, Loss of libido, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Lupus, Multiple sclerosis, Muscular dystrophy. These conditions may be caused by prolonged chronic dehydration. If so, they will clear up once the body becomes well and regularly hydrated. In these conditions, exercising one’s muscles should be part of the treatment program.

Poem for your soul

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This poem was written by a terminally ill young girl in a New York Hospital with cancer. It was sent by a medical doctor in an email.


Have you ever watched kids, On a merry-go-round? Or listened to the rain, Slapping on the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight? Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?

You better slow down. Don’t dance so fast. Time is short. The music won’t last.

Do you run through each day, On the fly? When you ask How are you? Do you hear the reply?

When the day is done, Do you lie in your bed, With the next hundred chores, Running through your head?

You’d better slow down, Don’t dance so fast. Time is short. The music won’t last.

Ever told your child, We’ll do it tomorrow? And in your haste, Not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch, Let a good friendship die, Cause you never had time, To call and say,”Hi”.

You’d better slow down. Don’t dance so fast. Time is short. The music won’t last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere, You miss half the fun of getting there.

When you worry and hurry through your day, It is like an unopened gift…. Thrown away.

Life is not a race. Do take it slower, Hear the music, Before the song is over.

When I received this email, it said she had six months to live, that was back in July of 2006.  As her dying wish, she wanted to send a letter telling everyone to live their life to the fullest, since she never will.  She’ll never make it to prom, graduate from high school, or get married and have a family of her own.  She wanted to see how many people would receive her poem.  She is probably gone now, but hopefully with the emails that were sent, her memory and the continued work of finding a cure for cancer will continue on.

Seeing some new red

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There was some red that most in Huskerland didn’t want to see on Saturday. So, on that note, I will start looking to some better red colors… Christmas. Only a couple more months away!!!

Singing White Christmas

Singing O Holy Night

Some ideas about Immigration

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”  ~ Theodore Roosevelt 1907 ~

With these hard economic times, it will be a little crazy to see what happens with what President Obama wants to do. You can check some stuff written about this topic and Obama here.

Teaching at Beam

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This second semester has been somewhat of a change from last semester in the area of where we, as STINTer’s, have spent most of our time.  Last semester we were only at BEAM Africa, which is a development center for township children just outside of Pretoria, one day out of the week, but this semester we have been able to go there three days a week.  It has been a privilege for myself and my friend James Pruch to be able to take one of those days and teach the male staff workers there at BEAM, some things from the Bible. A good ole Bible Study.  The first week we talked about new birth and what God has done to make us dead sinners alive in Christ. The second week was about faith and grace, mostly stemming off of Ephesians 2, but also James 2 and the life of Abraham.  Here are a few pictures that we took from that day:

Question from the day: “How do we know if someone has true Faith?”

Beam Board

James illustrating the importance of the sequence of a Christian’s life:

Beam teaching

I am talking to the guys about faith and works and the difference between the two in James 2 (The one on the right is Blessing)

Beam teaching1

From left to right: Ludwig, Brian and Ronney

Beam guys

There were good times, now bad times

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This is a little excerpt from Coach Dave Daubenmire on April 13, 2006 with  It talks about the good times three years back and how wrong things were actually going.

Nothing seemed beyond the reach of American ingenuity. By all appearances God’s blessings were abundantly visible. The Greatest Generation lived in a nation where Christ was honored. He was at the center of schools, the foundation in our homes, and the pillar of our government. But in their desire to do bigger things, they forgot to do better things. They traded their spiritual inheritance for a pot of stew.  They didn’t mind the store.

Somewhere, in the desire to conquer outer-space, the Greatest Generation lost control of America’s inner-space. Working to increase their wealth, they lost their values. They cleaned up the environment but polluted America’s soul. They transferred their prosperity to their children, but not their Faith. They stood silently by as Christ was removed from this nation.  Yes, my friends, they spent the inheritance.

Let’s be gut honest here, folks. There is no liberty in America anymore. Government has become the over-reaching tyrant that our Founders warned us about.  Christ, the only firm foundation, was strip-mined from America. Outwardly the ground looked the same, but underneath, out of sight, a new support system was in place, and America was slowly sinking into the swamp. The spirit of the world replaced the Spirit of the Lord. When the authority of government overthrew the authority of Christ, America lost her way.

I guess no one listened to him and took to heart what was needed to get done, cause now we are where we placed ourselves, in a hole and what looks like a pretty long way out. Read all of what he has to say, cause it’s worth it.