Water can do what?

I love my soda’s, but this year I have tried to stay away from them because they usually cause me to not want to do anything else except chill on the couch watching tv or a movie.  I also want to get stronger, so that is one reason why I have switched from drinking soda’s to drinking water.  I recieved an email a long time ago, and definitely didn’t read any of it because it was totally about water. Here is one cool thing I learned that can cure something up in the body pretty quick:

11 Miracles in Your Faucet

The remedy for your medical problems may be as close as your faucet! Pigs will fly before the medical establishment will disclose something simple and free in lieu of costly (and frequently dangerous) medications; but they do tell us to do this, they just don’t know, or don’t tell us the great benefit. In forty years of practice I have seen many apparent miracles produced solely by plain water. You won’t believe what 8-10 eight-ounce glasses of water per day will do for many maladies. There is one major problem: People won’t drink that much due to the inconvenience of frequent urination; a small price to pay for better health. If your urine is not a very pale yellow or even clear, you are not getting enough water.  When I speak of water I do NOT refer to coffee, sodas or tea. Distilled or spring is best but tap water will work just fine for most people. Some places have water which has an odor and is not at all that tasty. Put a jug in the fridge for a few days and it will taste better. In addition, much of the chlorine will vanish. Prior to drinking, shake it vigorously for a while. This will oxygenate it.  Cure #5: Migraines. Migraine Headache may be a sign that water is needed by the brain and the eyes. Migraine may be prevented by keeping dehydration from establishing in the body and may be totally cleared up by treating for the condition of dehydration. This particular type of dehydration might eventually cause inflammation of the back of the eye and possibly loss of eyesight.

Pretty insightful, and I am excited to keep drinking that wonderful, natural, health giving… water.


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