Mid-year Retreat

The second weekend in July was spent in St. Lucia for our STINT mid-year retreat. Andy McCullough and his family came to South Africa to talk a few things through with us before we started the next semester. The focus of our few short talks was about the struggles and joys of the first semester and some different things that could maybe changed for the better in the semester to come.

Our time was mostly spent just relaxing and spending a little time enjoying the adventures of South Africa. The first full day we were in St. Lucia, we took a boat safari, where we got to see a bunch of hippo’s and corcks. It felt almost the same as what we had done up in Botswana, but this time I had my camera and was able to take some pretty sweet shots.  (I was not able to bring my camera on the first trip for some undisclosed reasons.) The second full day, we took a morning boat trip out into the Indian Ocean to do some whale watching. The moral of that small trip was to wear a wetsuit and maybe a waterproof jacket and pants.  We did get to see about 5 0r 6 different whales jumping at different times. It was a fun experience, but going in a bigger boat might have been more satisfying. Other than those two events, much of the rest of the time was reading, hanging out and just getting away from the everyday life in Pretoria and Durban.

Good trip, coming away refreshed and ready for the next stage…  SUMMER PROJECT!


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