Two sides of things

This little entry was in Newfrontiers magazine, and I found it pretty interesting:

Visited Assam and Nagaland – interesting to note that Assam has 1% Christians and 99% non-Christians but the neighbouring state, Nagaland, has 99% Christians and 1% non-Christians.

It is so incredible that in such a sort distance, you can have that drastic change from one to the other.  The good things is that there are people coming to Christ in the Arab world, especially in India and you can see it with that quote. The harvest is ready to be gathered, all we have to do is believe in God and trust in His ways.  I also received this email and thought it was great to know about:

Dear Friend,

When a Muslim comes to faith in Jesus Christ, the one thing they plead for is a Bible.

And now we have been offered a $10,000 Challenge Grant to provide these desperately needed Bibles! But we need your help to meet this challenge!

Sadly, Bibles are scarce in most Islamic countries where it’s illegal to be a Christian. Which is why we have set a goal to deliver at least 5,000 Bibles to our suffering brothers and sisters in these countries over the next four months.

And now… if we meet this $10,000 Challenge Grant… we can meet this goal! But we need your help… which is why I’m asking you to give an online gift to Open Doors today.

Through your gift, you’ll not only help meet the challenge… but help deliver Bibles to Muslim converts who risk their lives every day to follow Christ. You’ll be giving strength, hope, and encouragement to those who so desperately need it.

So thank you for your gift. And thank you for standing with those who are suffering the most for their faith.

Dr. Carl A. Moeller


Open Doors USA


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