Go JP!

I have been a huge fan of John Piper the last couple of years and am excited to see what God will do in his life as he continues to do ministry in and around the Minneapolis area.  God has truly done some amazing things in and through Piper and how he has used the resources that God has given him to bless so many others.  This is a great post about how Piper came to be a pastor. Interesting, a good read, and a pretty cool picture!


2 Responses to “Go JP!”

  1. MRWBBIII Says:


    • rylanreed Says:

      Thanks for replying to this post. I’m trying to figure out where you’re coming from with this video comment? I watched the whole video from where you took the small portions out of and really enjoyed it. Here is the Link. I am not really sure though what your point is with the video and even what the point of the video is anyways. I would enjoy hearing from you!

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