It’s all about SUH

Suh definitely had an amazing last two years of college ball and will have an even more amazing career in the NFL.  His power and tenastity carried this football team when things were meek.  He still has a game left and will probably continue to show how he is the best player in the nation right now

Here it is . . .  Mark Ingram!

My heart screams for SUH to win the Heisman award tonight, but my mind tells me that he won’t and one of the running backs will. The good thing about the setup is SUH getting and staying in front of both QB’s, specifically McCoy.  I will be glad with a second or third place finish for The Man Called SUH.  He’s on Defense and nobody ever really wins on that side of the ball, so I agree with some of the writers when they say that the Heisman should be the best QB, RB, or WR in the nation, not the all around best player in the nation.  Those are my thoughts about that, take them or leave them, its up to you.  SUH really does have a great story about him.   (SUH did not beat out Colt McCoy, even though I think he should have. . . Just frustrating.  How can you put McCoy ahead with the head-to-head competition, I just don’t get that.)

Heisman voters are charged with selecting “the Most Outstanding Player in the United States in 2009,” so will they? Saturday, the most outstanding player in the United States singlehandedly dismantled one of the nation’s best offenses. Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh finished with 12 tackles, including seven for loss and half of Nebraska’s nine sacks. Suh has annihilated offenses all season, but has done so in relative obscurity. Saturday, on the biggest stage, he nearly exacted the Cornhuskers’ revenge for Texas quarterback James Brown’s “Roll Left” play in the first Big 12 title game in 1996.

Suh will be No. 1 on my inaugural Heisman ballot, but unfortunately, the majority of the 926 voters don’t understand the game well enough to vote for a defensive tackle. They only watch the ball, so they almost always elect a quarterback, a running back or a wide receiver who also returns kicks. Suh, double-teamed almost every down, affected every offensive play Texas ran. We don’t need to send it to the replay booth; Suh proved definitively Saturday that he deserves not just an invitation to New York but also his very own bronze replica of former New York University star Ed Smith.

And Ndamukong Suh? Well – you saw him, didn’t you? It’s Heisman time.  “If Suh didn’t win the Heisman tonight, it’s a disgrace to college football,” Pelini said.

Meanwhile, Nebraska intercepted three of Colt McCoy’s passes and sacked him nine times, while probably sacking his Heisman Trophy chances. Yes, McCoy produced his eighth career fourth-quarter rally to victory. But he looked very ordinary much of the night. Husker defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh produced 4 1/2 of those sacks and 12 tackles overall (seven for losses) in a performance that simply had to thrust him into serious Heisman consideration, assuming he wasn’t there already. Not that the Heisman mattered to Suh or anybody else in red Saturday night, when Nebraska came up agonizingly short.


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