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Such a tragedy

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I was a little bit angry and somewhat frustrated at how the Nebraska-Texas Big Twelve Championship game finished (and am still a little to this day, which I shouldn’t be) but there was never a thought to go this far. I would not say that this was intentional at all, definitely from what I have read in some of the atricles, I am just really confused as to why there would be a gun around them at all in that kind of a situation. They are marines, so I am sure that weapons are around them all the time, but it doesn’t make much sense. I do pray for the families and friends that were affected by this troubling situation.

What’s so wrong with what happened?

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This might not be the same, but Arizona let the Huskers finish the shutout with a play towards the end zone and not a field goal. It let the Husker defense prove to the last play how good they really are. UCLA shouldn’t be mad at all as to what happened to them during the USC game. (sorry that this is a month or so too late)

I did not watch this game, but I agree with what happened. The game was for the most part out of reach, and USC was not wanting to “run the score up” and insult UCLA.  I can see why UCLA might want to try and get the ball back, maybe getting a quick TD and then an onside kick and another score to take it to overtime, but I don’t think there would have been much time anyways for all of that to happen the way UCLA would want.  USC saw something from the defense and they took it, it was just for a TD and there was really not much UCLA could do about it.  If I was UCLA, which I am not, but I would have taken the loss with how USC was going about it first and not what actually happened, but it is what it is.  Have fun UCLA waiting a whole year to get your rematch