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sing a song

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Oh happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away.  He taught me how to wash, fight and pray; and he taught me how to live rejoicing yes, He did oh yeah, every, every day!

These girls are incredible, and the one that is soloing, is the youngest and started singing in this group where she was 4.  Chose for yourself which one ya think is better.  Me personally, I like both of them…

The downfall of lying

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I recently watched a movie made here in South Africa based on one of their greatest sports players of all time, Hansie.  The movie was entitled Hansie and the story is of a South African cricket player, who in the mid to late 90’s brought the people of South Africa together with the game of Cricket.  The one problem that he possessed out of many was lying.  One subject, and it was something that he really didn’t do, just thought about it. The subject was betting and losing games.

I won’t tell the whole story, but I will give a brief overview.  And BBC did a story on him that you can see here.  Hansie grew up with a love for cricket and played really well in most of the matches through his childhood and up to his professional debut. From that point on He sky rocketed with his performance, charting in 2004 to be the 11th best player in all of South Africa and a National Hero.  The only set back from his professional career, the one I mentioned earlier: betting, match fixing and mostly lying; made him banned from ever playing profession cricket again and put a bad mark on his name to the country that he loved so much.  here are a few details from Wikipedia:

Stand-in captain — There was another drawn series when South Africa toured England in 1994, Cronje scoring just one century on the whole tour and scored only 90 runs in the three-Test series. In October 1994, South Africa again came up against Australia, in a triangular one-day series also featuring Pakistan, Cronje scored 354 runs at an average of 88.50 but despite this South Africa lost all their matches.[8] This series was Bob Woolmer’s first as coach and Kepler Wessels’ last as captain. Cronje who’d previously been vice-captain was named as captain for the Test series with New Zealand in 1994/95.  — Match fixing — On 15 June Cronje released a statement that revealed all his contact with bookmakers. In 1996 during the third Test in Kanpur, he was introduced to Mukesh Gupta by Mohammad Azharuddin. Gupta gave Cronje $30,000 to persuade the South Africans to lose wickets on the last day to lose the match, South Africa were 127/5 chasing 460, Cronje was already out and spoke to no other players “I had received money for doing nothing”. During the return tour Cronje received $50,000 from Gupta for team information. —

If you read the story of Hansie; he did take money, but for nothing really; he talked with other players about throwing matches, but nothing ever came out of actually doing it; the only problem was he kept things secret and lied to different people at different times.  He did admit to the fact that he  had a love for money, and don’t we all have that.  We all struggle with this, maybe not to the extent or heightened level that Hansie did, but lying (making ourselves appear better than we really are) and the love of money is apart of our flesh.

The story of Marion Jones is somewhat similar… she is not a cricket player, but a high profile track and field athlete; now just a convicted felon.  She “not Knowingly” took performance-enhancing drugs in the year 2000, during the Sydney Olympic Games.  She lied about it then and kept lying until the truth came out in investigations.  In an interview, she said that during one of the investigation times, there was a point where they showed her the substance that is known as the “clear”, and she thought to her self that if she had just taken a few minutes to meet with her counsel and tell the investigator right then and there that the substance in front of her was what she took, it might have been easier on her in the long run.

Both Hansie and Marion Jones took the thought of keeping something to make themselves look better, instead of understanding the importance of telling the truth and also the detrimental effects that could linger and last for their whole lives with keeping the lie.  Hansie was a Christian, and even more so effected him because of that, as does it with us everyday.  We need to make God look good and not ourselves, since He was the one that created us in the first place.  Jones I don’t believe is a Christian, but she knew post term of imprisonment that it would have been better to tell the truth right away, even though it would hurt at first, then to have kept the lie and now is keeping that untold truth with her for the rest of her days here on earth.

Everyone lies, and if you say you don’t then that’s a pretty good observation that you do.  Because we are all liars, we are all sinners and condemned to an eternity in hell. I know, that sounds horrible.  But, the great thing is Jesus came down to earth to take all your lies, your stealing, your hatred and everything else that might be a sin in your life, and took it to the cross with Him.  Because of what He did, and our trusting in Him for the only way to salvation, can we be free from the bondage of looking to others for our self worth and instead place that upon Christ, for He is willing and would love to have it.  Hansie learned that even being a Christian, he still fell for temptation, but was able to learn through that experience of God’s redeeming love and forgiveness, and was able to share with others what Christ had done for his life even through the tough situation he was in.

If you want to watch the trailer(top two), or even a story on matching fixing you can go here.

The Woshi Finger Hold

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I’m not a big fat panda, I’m THEE BIG FAT PANDA!

AHH, The wosht finger hold

Oh, you know this hold

Your bluffing, your bluffing, Shifu didn’t teach you that

Nope, I figured it out   SKADOOSH!

Zooming effect

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This is a great part in the movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance, and a great inspirational talk that Will Smith gives to Matt Damon.  The part when he sees him self alone and the flag starts coming close, is one of the coolest scenes in this video.  The only other movie that I know of that does this is The Greatest Game Ever Played.  What coincidence that they are both golf movie.

sorry for what ever language that is…  (on the screen)