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And here’s the call

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I’ve been asked to be an umpire a couple of times over the past few years, and needless to say I probably would have done them just for the fact that those asking me were friends… but in all reality, I don’t think I would want to take on the responsibility that umpires (or referee’s in general) have over the game that everyone loves.

There have been bad calls in the Major Leagues, by some high class and intelligent umpires, and the latest one came during one of a few games where the end result could have been a perfect game. On June 2, 2010 Armando Galarraga was one out away from a perfect game and then the safe call came from Ump Jim Joyce (sorry for the language on the video).  Here is the story, and how they came back together for the ESPY’s to announce the best moment in sports.  I really appreciated the way both Jim and Armando reacted after things were all over, Jim apologizing and the hand shake the next day.  No one is perfect, even though there has been a few “perfect games” in MLB history, most people put in that situation might have gone the same way as Jim.  He is a good man and still a great Umpire.

Here is sort of a funny video of a little league Umpire, who I guess goes by the name of Norm

What seems to be tops on your list???

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Some play sports, some workout, some watch TV and movies, some play computer/console games, and some read books.  Hopefully everyone works (or is still in school) and these are things done as hobbies or other actions during the day.  You can rank these on what is more important to do than some of the others, but I want to look into one of them for now.  Playing computer/console games, and what might happen when things get uncontrollable.

Here is a video of a girlfriend taking control of what her boyfriend seems to have as one of the tops on his list, a game called World of Warcraft played on his computer.

My thinking can’t comprehend how much time that guy wasted on that video game.  It seems these days that I am starting to pull more towards that than any other way.  I told one of my friends that playing video games all the time was a waste of time and those people need to get a life.  He was one of those and thought that we might be friends anymore. I corrected him and said if that was all you did and nothing else, then it was a problem.  When I was in high school, it was all about Halo and a little bit of H2, and then in College it was NCAA football.  I definitely played a good chuck, so I can’t say to much to those that are in the college/high school lifestyle.  If the games are taking away from your time with God, with school work, and with family and friends, then it might be too much.  If you are like that guy and possibly play games for up to 6 or more hours a day, then there might be a problem.  Just saying…

(there might be more posts about this topic, tops on your list)

what’s with all the dancing?

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I’m not sure how Digger Phelps came to the position that he did, but somewhere in that brain of his he decided that it would be fun to dance with every single cheerleader from each school that was hosting College Game Day basketball.  I’m not saying that he should stop, or that it’s not funny, because it is pretty funny to watch him dance.  I just want to know where that idea came from.  A dancing Digger!

Funny story from the radio

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So, today (it was more like last week)  as we’re driving from one house to the other house, (I work for a moving company) I hear this news story over the radio and laughed my head off… almost.  The series was dumb people that shouldn’t be allowed to breath… that’s not something good, cause ‘we’ shouldn’t decide if one gets something that essential or not… but I’m guessing they we’re talking figuratively and it was sort of funny.  Here’s the story:

A man comes into the police station saying someone stole his fishing polls. The police officers that were on duty wrote down as much information for the man that they could, and then followed him back to where they were stolen.  He had been in a bar when the fishing poles were stolen, having a few brews after a good day of fishing.  The officers concluded that there wasn’t enough information and evidence to continue the investigation, so they made their way back to the station. 

As they were driving back, they came upon a man driving a lawn mower down the street with a couple of fishing poles hanging of the back. They decided to pull him over and see what they could figure out.  The officers asked him if he had been fishing that day. “Yeah,” he said. “Where did you fish at?” the officer asked.  “The lake… river… pond…” said the man on the mower.  The officers knew what was going on, but it didn’t take long until the man confessed that he had stolen the fishing poles at the bar that the other man was at.  He had gone that day to get a couple of brews, driving his lawn mower because he had his licence taken away from him for having too many DWI’s.  He saw the fishing poles and thought he could get a buck or two off of them.  If he would have just gone to the bar and then left, he might have gotten away with what he was doing, but decided to take things a little bit further with stealing the fishing poles.  Way to have a DWI on a lawn mower….   good stuff.

104.1 The Blaze

5 what!!!!

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This is probably one of the newest commercials that I have seen on TV, that totally made me laugh out loud hard core. Click here, to see it…

I’m back

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Before coming home from South Africa, I wasn’t thinking the transition would be that hard, really at all. I was sure that when I came home, things would be a little bit different because I had been gone for a year, but nothing that wouldn’t right it self in a few weeks. 

Just saying, its been a weird period the last couple of months.  It has been really good seeing family and getting to spend quality time with them; being able to see friends and sharing with some of them how God worked in South Africa; and sharing with my supporters some of the things that God started in South Africa.  There are just some times that I don’t want to see anyone or talk to anybody (so if I have offended you, I’m sorry). It sort of was hard for a while to get motivated to do much of anything… even get on Face book (which is probably not a bad thing), but I have been rolling for a while now on trying to find a job, so things are going better than before.  Just saying, it has been a weird couple of months.  If you want to know more, you can always email me at

Me and my ride

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It has been an interesting experience with  the cars that I’ve had, which has only been three so far, but all of them have given me some memories I will never forget.  My first two cars and the memories that came from them were mostly brought on by my foolishness and dumb thinking, which got me into some accidents and tickets that weren’t much fun to handle. My latest car has probably given me the most laughter at what has happened and many times where I can totally see God working through those situations that I am in.

My Thundy has put me in a couple of harsh predicaments the last few years (set apart this last year when I was in South Africa), one involving the law that I won’t talk too much about, and the second one came while I was driving.  The week before Christmas came this year, Thundy starting acting up as I was driving into Lincoln to see my sisters and some other friends.  As I turned on Old Cheney, my car started shaking and a very loud noise exploded into my ears, while the steering wheel locked up and the engine revved with little movement in the car.  I was able to make it to my sisters place off of 34th street, with the help of a couple of slopes, and parked in their parking lot.  Come to find out that my damper pulley, the big pulley helping the belt spin, broke off as well as my belt and I was running with little to nothing on the movements of the car.  There was a pretty bad storm coming through Lincoln, starting right about the time when my car started acting up, so it was a great blessing by God to allow me to get to my sisters place. 

Through the ordeal, I know that God was working and there for me every second my car was having problems. It’s not coincidence that Thundy broke down not three blocks or so from where my sisters lived and not on the interstate or another part of Lincoln.  The damper pulley had been cracked for a long time, so it really could have happened at any other time than that specific one.  The repair shop even found a part for 500 less than what they were thinking of and the cost was not at all what they were thinking to begin with.  God kept me safe through the whole ordeal and allowed me to not go bankrupt, which always a nice plus.

It can happen

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This is not supposed to scare you into doing something crazy, just to keep you knowledgeable of what could possibly happen in a car crash.   And to be very careful with the weather these days; I saw too many cars flipped over in the ditch and have heard about too many deaths, so be careful out there!

How to die in 0.7 Seconds

Do you know what happens in the first fatal second after a car going 55 miles per hour hits a solid object?

In the first tenth of the second, the front bumper and grill collapse.

The second tenth finds the hood crumbling, rising and striking the windshield as the spinning rear wheels lift from the ground. Simultaneously, fenders begin wrapping themselves around the solid object and although the car’s frame has been halted, the REST OF THE DRIVER’S CAR IS STILL GOING 55 MILES PER HOUR. Instinct causes the driver to stiffen his legs against the crash and they snap at the knee-joint.

During the third tenth of the second, the steering wheel starts to disintegrate and the steering column aims for the drivers chest.

The fourth tenth of the second finds two feet of the car’s front end wrecked while the rear end still moves at 35 miles per hour and the driver’s body is traveling at 55 miles per hour.

In the fifth tenth the driver is impaled on the steering column and blood rushes to his lungs.

The sixth finds the impact built up to the extent that feet are ripped out of tightly laced shoes. the brake pedal breaks off. The car frame buckles in the middle and the driver’s head bangs into the windshield as the rear wheels, still spinning, fall back to the earth.

IN THE SEVENTH TENTH hinges rip loose, doors open and the seat breaks free, striking the driver from behind. BUT HE DOESN’T MIND BECAUSE HE IS ALREADY DEAD, and the last three tenths of the second mean nothing to him.


I know this, and a few other things, have started to change my mind on the seat belt rule and how important it really is for most to all of the time. Now there are occasions where people have been in crashes and have come out alive because they didn’t wear their seat belt, but that is very few and very unlikely.

Who’s who…

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This is just a funny picture; don’t they look really similar?

Things I will miss about South Africa

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1) Muta (one of my guys)

2) Bahati (one of my guys)

3) Lawrence (one of my guys)

4) Patrick (one of my guys)

5) Aubrey (one of my guys/sort of)

6) Renier & Helize (campus staff director and wife)

7) Lucas (student leader, now interning with Crusade)

8) Paul (student leader, getting ready to do missions in Somalia)

9) Duan (student leader for next year, “chair person”)

10) Darius (student leader for next year)

11) Talkalanie (student apart of Crusade)

12)Ntando (student leader for next year)

13) Student leadership committee (past and present)

14) Chris Dirks (AIA)

15) Eddie (Staff)

16) Minte (Netherlands Stint)

17) Lerato (friend from UJ)

18) Balokile (friend from UJ)

19) Sammie (student leader at UJ)

20) Lizwi (student leader at UJ for next year)

21) Robert (student leader at UJ for next year)

22) Louie & Erica (BEAM owners)

23) Lordwick (pastor and staff at BEAM)

24) Ronnie (staff at BEAM)

25) Brian (staff at BEAM)

26) Blessing (staff at BEAM)

27) Given (kid at BEAM)

28) Cia (kid at BEAM)

29) Happy (kid at BEAM)

30) Ruben (Older boy at BEAM)

31) Diamond (Older boy at BEAM)

32) All the kids at BEAM

33) Francois (Erica and Louie’s son)

34) The Staff at BEAM

35) The scenery

36) The weather (warmth and the storms!!)

37) Blue Bulls/Springbok Rugby (They pretty much won everything they possibly could in one year, including the World Cup in 2008)

38) 15 Rand Wednesday movie night