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Things I will miss about South Africa

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1) Muta (one of my guys)

2) Bahati (one of my guys)

3) Lawrence (one of my guys)

4) Patrick (one of my guys)

5) Aubrey (one of my guys/sort of)

6) Renier & Helize (campus staff director and wife)

7) Lucas (student leader, now interning with Crusade)

8) Paul (student leader, getting ready to do missions in Somalia)

9) Duan (student leader for next year, “chair person”)

10) Darius (student leader for next year)

11) Talkalanie (student apart of Crusade)

12)Ntando (student leader for next year)

13) Student leadership committee (past and present)

14) Chris Dirks (AIA)

15) Eddie (Staff)

16) Minte (Netherlands Stint)

17) Lerato (friend from UJ)

18) Balokile (friend from UJ)

19) Sammie (student leader at UJ)

20) Lizwi (student leader at UJ for next year)

21) Robert (student leader at UJ for next year)

22) Louie & Erica (BEAM owners)

23) Lordwick (pastor and staff at BEAM)

24) Ronnie (staff at BEAM)

25) Brian (staff at BEAM)

26) Blessing (staff at BEAM)

27) Given (kid at BEAM)

28) Cia (kid at BEAM)

29) Happy (kid at BEAM)

30) Ruben (Older boy at BEAM)

31) Diamond (Older boy at BEAM)

32) All the kids at BEAM

33) Francois (Erica and Louie’s son)

34) The Staff at BEAM

35) The scenery

36) The weather (warmth and the storms!!)

37) Blue Bulls/Springbok Rugby (They pretty much won everything they possibly could in one year, including the World Cup in 2008)

38) 15 Rand Wednesday movie night


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This is what I was trying to get at. . . . . . . . .

1 or 2 words

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A friend of mine here in South Africa sent me an “SMS” (text) and asked this quesitons: If you could sum up Beam in one or two words what would you say?  I thought for a few moments and these are a few of what I came up with:

Helping hand // Blessing // Guidance // Support // For others // Open hand // Light // Strong work // Strength // Care //

If any of you, who have been to BEAM before, want to add to this, be my guest!

Somethings I won’t miss about South Africa

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1) Siren’s going off every 5 minutes

2) Car alarms going off every 5 minutes

3) Capped or (usage of space) for Internet

4) gated or fenced enclosures everywhere

5) “How’s it”

6) Few and far between bathrooms

7) No heat/air conditioners

8) No Dr. Pepper

9) No carpet

10) car guards

11) No ESPN (only on DSTV and not really American sports)

12) No Burger King

13) PNP (pick-n-pay) and little to no service

14) Driving on the right side of the car, on the left side of the street

15) Girls screaming in the apartments

16) Opening and closing a gate

17) people honking when they can’t open a gate

18) People flashing brights when they want to pass

19) Assuming that all white people speak Afrikaans

20) People drive for themselves and not thinking of anyone else

21) Small sized appliances

22) Small housing/apartments (suited for only one person, but have crammed two)

23) People just not knowing how to drive anywhere, especially on the highway

24) People saying they will do one thing and agreeing with you, and then not showing up or allowing you to get a hold of them (just be honest, its ok!)

25) Not being able to be close to my family and friends or even talk to them (but I could get over that if God called me to full time ministry…)

Oh me and the law

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I could probably write a book about the different experiences that I have had with law enforcement over the past 10 or so years, but I won’t.  I will explain what happened to me the last night that myself and James would probably be in Jo-Burg for a while.  I did not get arrested, I did forget my license, and we did switch drivers and got away without any hassle.

To start off, I went for a run today at the Sports complex that is on the other side of Duncan (i.e. street name in Pretoria) and decided to put all of my pocket items in my bag, one of which was my wallet that I put in my side compartment, for some reason that I can’t figure out right now.  Came home after a good run and taking some pictures around the complex, and got ready to head to Jo-Burg for a night with a couple of friends that went to school at the University of Johannesburg, Lerato and Balokile. As we got into the car and started to drive out of our apartment, I stated that I forgot my wallet (and so my license), but it was OK cause I had money in my pocket and the police never really do anything anyways around here, from what I had seen.

The end of the night we were dropping the guys off at their homes and ran into a road block.  I rolled down the window and she asked if I had my license. I looked at James, either thinking he could do something magical or that we had just talked about this earlier in the evening, I looked back at the officer and said I didn’t have it.  She went through a great long spiel about “if you get into a car you should have your license… before you put the key in the ignition you should have your license…” which was all true, but sort of funny.  Then she asked if I drank at all tonight, and I told here nothing but water.  So, I pulled over to the side of the road (which was in a suburb part of Jo-Burg), after hearing I might need to get breathalyzed, and waited for what was to happen.  Myself and James, mostly James, told her what we were doing and who we were, where we were from, that sort of thing. James said that he could drive and she right away said “why don’t you drive, since you have the license.” That was a great deal for us and she let a go.  It was definitely the grace of God that nothing else happened and for her being so gracious to us in just letting us go. I could have been close to jail in two countries, not just one.

Teaching at Beam

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This second semester has been somewhat of a change from last semester in the area of where we, as STINTer’s, have spent most of our time.  Last semester we were only at BEAM Africa, which is a development center for township children just outside of Pretoria, one day out of the week, but this semester we have been able to go there three days a week.  It has been a privilege for myself and my friend James Pruch to be able to take one of those days and teach the male staff workers there at BEAM, some things from the Bible. A good ole Bible Study.  The first week we talked about new birth and what God has done to make us dead sinners alive in Christ. The second week was about faith and grace, mostly stemming off of Ephesians 2, but also James 2 and the life of Abraham.  Here are a few pictures that we took from that day:

Question from the day: “How do we know if someone has true Faith?”

Beam Board

James illustrating the importance of the sequence of a Christian’s life:

Beam teaching

I am talking to the guys about faith and works and the difference between the two in James 2 (The one on the right is Blessing)

Beam teaching1

From left to right: Ludwig, Brian and Ronney

Beam guys

Summer Project time!

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There were two summer projects that came to my side of South Africa, meaning Pretoria and JoBurg.  If you don’t know what a summer project is; it’s a time frame of one month to three months in which students from all around the country that are involved in Campus Crusade get to spend a summer either over seas (which is the one month) or Stateside (which is the three months).  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work with the group that came to Pretoria, from the GPI Region of Crusade, which is where I am from. I did get to share with them and my co-STINTer Stacey, about the culture that is here in South Africa. Just to tell you, it’s a lot like the South in America, people calling themselves “Christians” but not really living their lives for Christ.

I was able to have the privilege of staffing the JoBurg summer project, with the four other STINTers that work along side me here in Pretoria/JoBurg. The summer project ran from the 15th of July to the 15th of August, and was a really great change up to our schedule as STINTers.  11 students from the Southwest region of America, mostly California, but some were from other states; Indiana, Montana, Texas. We worked on Kings-way campus, the University of Johannesburg’s main campus, half of the month and then traded off with the other half in community service work.

There were three guys that came on project; Nathan, Travis and Tom, whom I was able to disciple from the four and a half weeks they were in South Africa. It was a privilege to be able to spend time with each guy, and hangout with all of them when there was not much to do. It was great to see each of them grow in their own way, learning from mistakes and sin, but also teaching those around them.  I definitely learned a lot from each of them as I am sure that they learned some from me.

There were a could of activities that we tried to do on campus. Both were successful, but one more the way that we thought it would have gone. We decided to do a Soularium outreach (54 pictures or so depicting certain areas of life, using questions and pictures to see where students are at spiritually) one of the days on campus, but not in the simple way of sitting down and going through it with some students. We played out a couple of the pictures and had some taped on boards that were set on a couple of tables, so students could take the survey as quick as they wanted to.  The summer project students really enjoyed the outreach and performing some of the pictures. We had a great turnout with the students that came up and filled out the survey; and really helped increase in the students that came to the weekly meetings.

The other big activity we did involved a movie and big screen, or so we thought. On campus at UJ, there is a big screen TV on the green space right outside of the student center. We figured and planned to play Amazing Grace and give out free hot chocolate one night, and after the movie have a little talk and comment cards for the students there, Up to the day we were going to show the movie on, we thought things were set and ready to go. That day, we figured out that there was something that didn’t happen, and so instead of showing the movie like we wanted to, we decided to just play some pickup games and get to know the students that came. Over all that night we better than we thought it could have and definitely built up a rapport with us and the students.

As the STINT team has realized over the past few months, South Africa and Africa as a whole is very much more relational than in the states. As I conversed with the three guys on project, I started to see them even leaning to share the gospel in a rationalistic kind of way, which I was all for. It was good to see the guys fit into what they felt comfortable doing, not to say that being out of your comfort is bad because that is when God stretches you and builds your character, but their hearts really showed during the times of interaction with some of the students.

It was definitely an enjoyable month!