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So, today is my birthday but I am not going to write how awesome I am or why people don’t remember me (which is not true) or anything like that.  I want to write this as a thank you letter to all of those that have been apart of my quarter-century-life and shaped it to what it is today.

I want to thank God, the God of heaven and earth, for giving me my life because without Him I wouldn’t be here.  I want to thank God for giving me breath each morning, to be able to have lived this long in His world because we should know that we might not be here the next day.  I want to thank my mom, Bonnie, for berthing me and going through the pain and turmoil that giving birth takes upon that person.  I love you mom! I want to thank my dad, Bernie, for “training up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 I know you weren’t sure if I would follow or not, but you still stuck to what God had commanded you in raising a son.  Thanks for showing me how a Godly man should live his life and how he should love his wife and children.  I love you dad! Thanks to both of you for how you trusted God in each one of our lives, for always loving us and disciplining us when we needed it. 🙂 Proverbs 23:13-14 “Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you strike him with a rod, he will not die. 14If you strike him with the rod, you will save his soul from Sheol (hell).” I want to thank my sisters, Janelle and Laura, for loving me and being there for me when I needed it, as well as telling me when I needed to give it up and stop what I was doing.  Thanks for the encouragement and grace that you have shown me through out my life. I love you sisters! I want to thank my grandparents and my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and all my other relatives for you support, encouragement and love over the past 25 years.  I love all of you!

I want to thank all my friends for giving up their time to hangout, relax and chill; to play sports and watch sports; and do whatever other stupid things that we did.  I want to thank one of my best friends Andrew, for sticking through it with me over the past ten years or so.  We have had our differences, but you have always been around when I needed it.  I want to thank James and Matt for being great friends and Godly men, always wanting to learn more and repent more, while leading others to learn more about Christ as well.  I want to thank Corey, Brian and Kav for being good Bible Study leaders and great friends and for the time spent when I just wanted to talk.  Your presence was always greatly appreciated.  I want to thank Casey and my other Juneau brothers for sharing two of the greatest summers of my life up in Juneau Alaska, what a trip and what a time shared!  You are all brothers in Christ and good friends to me!  (if you didn’t mentioned specifically, you are in my first line… thanks for your time too)

I want to thank Pastor Doug Shada and my Uncle Doug for your time spent helping me get through a really rough time in high school.  Thanks for your patience and thoughts on what was happening.  I want to thank Bill and Kent and those in leadership with Crusade that has helped me over the past few years in growing in my faith and walk with Jesus.  I want to thank all of my supporters as well, for letting me go on this great adventure and serve me in supporting me financially and prayerfully as I do God’s work in South Africa.  Thanks to all who is letting God lead you in your lives so I could be able to see Him through you.  Thanks also, for those Godly men that showed me how a true man of God should live and work in his day to day life.



The Weeks of February pt. 2

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Continuing on with the next week of February (9-14), myself and Dan were able to go on to another campus, called Groenkloof, which is the educational campus in Pretoria.  We were able to meet a couple guys that are the spiritual advisers for the guy’s dorm, Jimmy and Makhosi.  Both guys love the lord and are excited for what we are doing there and are really want to help out as best that they can.  We also meet four guys that we are doing a Bible study with; Bogonie, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Vincent.  All of those guys really want to know more about God and have a lot questions that keeps us on our toes.  The next day, I met Darius, who is a great guy to hang around with and has a great sense of humor.  I met one of his friends Landon, the next day, and they are both growing greatly with God and having a lot of questions themselves.  That Saturday, James and I went to the sports complex and found some guys that were playing basketball, which was a glorious gift, to play that sport and release some needed energy.

The next week (16-21) myself and Dan were able to meet a guy named Lawerence, who met with some of the guys from the project this past summer.  hopefully we can be able to meet with him more and see if we can get him involved with what is going on.  That week I was getting ready to give a talk at Crusade about Time Management.  That is a hard subject to talk about, cause there is not one specific passage that totally talks about that.  I was able to get a few verses that directed everything towards Jesus and how are time needs to be given to Him and in that, He will give us the time we need to get things done.  Another guy that I have been meeting is Ruan, and he is not a christian but is one that really thinks deeply and has a lot of questions about how life is and the point to it all.  I don’t get to meet with him too often, but those times are a lot of fun just to discuss about things and see what all the points to the discussion are.  Please pray for him, that God would open his eyes to the mystries of who God is and why He made humans just to live and die in glorifying God.  Pray that God would use me through the conversations that I have with Ruan and that I will continually not get frustrated with him as well as some of the others guys, when they don’t understand.  I have been able to learn from some great men and have lived longer than they.  Pray for my patience in Christ and my Love for them as God loves them for He made all in His Image.

The weeks of February

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The first week seemed to be the start of a somewhat regular schedule and system of things going on here in South Africa.  We had our first Staff meeting on Monday and later that day we had our first outreach for the students to learn to share their faith.  That was when I met Muta, who was really only involved with the outreach, from what Renier (my Campus Director) had told me about him.  Muta is a Christian and it has been a really enjoyable time getting to know him and what God is doing in and through his life.  Wednesday of that week we had our outreach again, not too many students show for that one, and Thursday was out first weekly meeting.  It was there that I was able to meet OBK, a guy that I have talked about earlier, but one who had a really crazy story of how he came to hear about Crusade.  He was introduced by a couple of guys from the States that came last summer on a summer project and he decided to come to the meetings at the start of this year.  He is not a believer, but I do believe that God is working mightily in Obk’s life back to Himself.  That Friday, we had a Brie out on the sports grounds which was a ton of fun, and a great time for myself and Dan (who’s STINTing with me and working on the same campus) to get to know the guys better and to make a bigger connection with them.

The leadership counsel (s0rt 0f sounds like sitting at the round table) of students goes like this:  Lucas is the chair person, and he pretty much oversees everything that deals with Crusade.  Lucas is a really fun guy to be around and really loves Jesus.  Paul is the Prayer coordinator and leads the 6:30 am Wensday morning prayer time.  Paul is such a great guy that loves the lord and wants everyone to be loved by God and to know that they are loved.  SJ is the Communications coordinator within Crusade, helping everyone know what is going on through out the weeks. He is also a great worship leader and one that loves God through everything he does.  Theunis is the Marketing and fiancial coordinator, working on how to get the word out around Pretoria and UP.  He loves God and wants what is best for God’s work at UP.  (There are some women on the leadership team, but I thought I would just stick to the guys).  to be continued…

The way to the alternative

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One of my friends here in Pretoria, who is involved with Crusade and who loves the heavy metal music (mostly Christian, but anything really), gave me a pamphlet called “Art of Breathing”.  The picture on the front shows a frail person with a gun shot in his chest.  Now I am not saying go out and shoot people because its Godly, no its not, but this pamphlet is focused towards the Gothic and “alternative” groups of people that is mostly shunned from Society.  They are the ones that fall to the Columbine shootings (not saying all do) but if we don’t love them as equals, then nothing will get better.  This pamphlet is directed towards them in a way that pulls at their thinking and opens them up to the wonderful world of Jesus Christ.  It’s like Paul, in 1 Cor. 9:19-23, saying that he makes himself the same as those that he is trying to reach and this group, the Torch Bearers, is doing that same thing.  What a great idea and I will give bits and pieces from it here and there, but I wanted to share a few things on this post.

Torchbearers is a multi-denominational group standing in unity under the banner of Jesus Christ. We are called to serve in the alternative community to reach those traditionally rejected and forgotten by the church, by engaging them where they are and within their culture. Our aim is to challenge and change skewed perceptions people hold about Christianity by shifting their focus from Christians to Jesus Christ Himself. In so doing awaken a hunger for God, that He may breathe life into them. We plan to do this through the forming of meaningful relationships, by discipling and by unifying all the Christians in the community in small groups or cells within the various churches. We do all this in obedience to God’s Word, out of love, to show a rarely seen side of God and for His eternal glory.

Dear God

I hate myself, How can you love me?

Inside myself I want back my death, But I want your life.

I am confused.

All these eyes have seen, All these lies I’ve spoken

I am the Devil

Jesus, man I want, oh I want to choose your love

but my mind won’t let me choose,

This thing of death, it steals my choice

I want to serve Satan, but I want your love

I want to be your servant, but my hand is stretched toward the devil

With words my mouth can confess, but my heart is no place for you

I want to choose, I want to live – and die

I want it all, I can’t decide…

This is just one of the pages in the pamphlet that show someones thoughts and prayer towards God.  Through the whole thing the Gospel of Jesus Christ comes out and shines in the darkness that they might be in and they might think they are reading.  The artistry is much of death and darkness, but it brings those in that crave that, and shows them the light of Jesus.   Pray that through this, those students and teenagers that dwell in their own darkness will grab hold of this and realize the better life and the way to true living.  Pray that this group will reach many and that through what they are doing, they will come even close to their Savior and Father, and live for Him in all they do!

People to meet

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The start of February was when things actually started rolling on campus for my self and the other two that work with me in Pretoria.  A student came to the first weekly meeting that we had for Crusade becuase he had heard about it from the students that had came to South Africa last summer on the Summer Project.  It was amazing to see that someone, who probably was shared the gospel too by a couple Americans, decided to come to the weekly meeting that didn’t happen for another 6 or so months!  How crazy God works sometimes.  His name is Obk, short for Obaking (which is probably short for something else), and he is not a beliver, but he is thinking and asking questions which I am excited to talk with him about those things.  Please pray that God would open Obk’s eyes to His glory and that Obk would find out for himself the love and grace that God gives to those who believe.  I will hopefully put some pics up of him and others that I am talking to.  We also have two days during the week where we go out with the students and share our faith.  One of the students that has come to these I have been able to go along with and get to know him as we talk with other students.  His name is Muta and he is such a great guy to be around.  He likes to talk and we get along pretty well, which has helped me to be able to disciple him, becuase of the connection he feels with me.  I am hoping that both him, Obk and some other guys that Dan and I are talking to will be able to find a time to get together for a bible study.  It is hard with all of their schedules to find a time to work for everyone.  We (meaning myself and Dan, the other guy working with me on Pretoria) have been able to go to another campus in Pretoria where there is a male’s dorm (or rez as they like to say) where we can be able to go in and talk with the students and hangout with them as well.  Bogonie, Zek ( ezekiel is his real name, i just gave him that nickname), and Vincient are a few of the guys that we have met through Renier, our campus director, and have now been able to have a few bible studies with them and have been able to somewhat answer questions that they are having.  I have realized that mostly Blacks (some whites) really have alot of questions that keep running through their minds and it has been fun to be able to even think about those questions for myself.  Jimmy and Makhosi, are two guys we met as well over on the campus called Groenkloof (which is their education campus), who are sort of like our RA’s in the states.  Jimmy was the spiritual advisor last year and now Makhosi is this year, so it has been good to be able to talk to them and even have them help out in getting guys to come to different things and seeing how the students are doing in their walks with God.

these are just some of the students that I have been meeting with for the past few weeks, there are more, but I wanted to give a little perspective on what is happening with God and the guys that He is bringing into my life, so that He can work through me to see their lives changed.

If you could pray for these guys that would be so great! :

Obk — that God would open Obk’s eyes to His glory and that Obk would find out for himself the love and grace that God gives to those who believe.  That Obk would see that Jesus is the only way to Heaven and the party that is waiting there.

Muta — that he would continue in reading with word and seeing what God wants from him and how much God loves him for nothing he did or will do, but just for who Muta is.  That he would also strengthen in being bold in Christ and talk with his friends that need the gospel in their lives.

Bogonie / Zek / Vincient — That they would continue to seek God in everything they do and be bold to the other 300 or so guys living next to them in the Dorm.  That they would bring their friends to the Bible study and would share with them the wonder and glory of God and what Jesus did for us on the Cross.

Jimmy / Makhosi — That they would help the students in questions that they might have and that they would point all the students to Christ and His pament on the Cross.  That they would grow as well in their faith, so that they could be able to talk with the students and help them find the way.