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Where to go now

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With the season that the Nebraska Men’s Basketball team is having this year, it’s hard to want to watch any basketball at all (if you are a Nebraska fan; and it does help that the women are doing so well), and even get excited for March Madness.

It is hard to watch or even look at, but those men on that court have worked their butts off and should be congratulated for their efforts.  Yes, they didn’t get many wins, only two in confrence, but a lot of things did not go their way. I’m not saying that Ref’s were getting paid or decided to go with the other team, things just happened. They didn’t get what is needed the most, wins, and I am sure that they will be working their butts off, now til the start of next year and continuing on into the future.  I know that Doc will be working his coaching butt off, and I am sure that the players will be working as hard as ever too, so why don’t we all get behind them (or those that call themselves fans of Husker basketball or just fans of basketball period) and encourage them instead of telling them how “horrible” they are, it’s probably easy for them to see.

They did a really good job the first game of the tourney and almost even caught Texas AM off guard at the end of their second game, but at last they couldn’t finish.  We will have to see what happens next year, and Doc is doing the same thing, but if we can give him two more years I think things could be really good. I could be wrong though…

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Blaming who?

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If you are going to blame one person on the Nebraska football team, you better just blame them all, every single one of them and the coaches too.  There should be one singling out on one person totally screwing the win up for the team.  It was a team effort and a team failure.  I would like to see a lot of you who are complaining and crying over someone’s bad choice of action, to get in there and try it out for yourself.  I am pretty sure not to many people can play at their level, so let’s give them a break and hope they learn from this lession, which I am pretty sure they will do…

I hope Bo see more in the football game than just this, and think he does, he just wants to motivate the players…

Added Pelini: “We did some good things; a lot that we need to get fixed. In the end, we didn’t make the play. I don’t measure on yards or how we play. You’ve got to win the football game. We didn’t win the football game so we didn’t play good enough in any phase of the game. I measure it on results. That’s how we measure things around here.”

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