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Me and my ride

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It has been an interesting experience with  the cars that I’ve had, which has only been three so far, but all of them have given me some memories I will never forget.  My first two cars and the memories that came from them were mostly brought on by my foolishness and dumb thinking, which got me into some accidents and tickets that weren’t much fun to handle. My latest car has probably given me the most laughter at what has happened and many times where I can totally see God working through those situations that I am in.

My Thundy has put me in a couple of harsh predicaments the last few years (set apart this last year when I was in South Africa), one involving the law that I won’t talk too much about, and the second one came while I was driving.  The week before Christmas came this year, Thundy starting acting up as I was driving into Lincoln to see my sisters and some other friends.  As I turned on Old Cheney, my car started shaking and a very loud noise exploded into my ears, while the steering wheel locked up and the engine revved with little movement in the car.  I was able to make it to my sisters place off of 34th street, with the help of a couple of slopes, and parked in their parking lot.  Come to find out that my damper pulley, the big pulley helping the belt spin, broke off as well as my belt and I was running with little to nothing on the movements of the car.  There was a pretty bad storm coming through Lincoln, starting right about the time when my car started acting up, so it was a great blessing by God to allow me to get to my sisters place. 

Through the ordeal, I know that God was working and there for me every second my car was having problems. It’s not coincidence that Thundy broke down not three blocks or so from where my sisters lived and not on the interstate or another part of Lincoln.  The damper pulley had been cracked for a long time, so it really could have happened at any other time than that specific one.  The repair shop even found a part for 500 less than what they were thinking of and the cost was not at all what they were thinking to begin with.  God kept me safe through the whole ordeal and allowed me to not go bankrupt, which always a nice plus.



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“If any of you should ask me for an epitome of the Christian religion, I should say that it is in one word- Prayer. Live and die without prayer, and you will pray long enough when you get to hell.” Spurgeon

It is so true, because that is one of the main ways we talk and communicate to God.  If we are without that connection to God Most High, then we will start to depend on our abilities and thoughts, which is not a good tactic in this life.  Continue to trust in Him and ask for everything that you know you are lacking, not just money and happiness, but for a better knowledge of Christ and a stronger love for Him.

Prayer is not getting something FROM God; it’s doing something WITH God. The challenge is to develop a prayer life that is more about God than you  A helpful way to do this:

Pray “Father, I adore you…” Finish the phrase with reasons we have to adore God.

Pray “Jesus, I love you…” Finish with reasons we have to love Jesus.

Pray “Spirit, I need you…” Finish with reasons we need the Holy Spirit.

(taken from Judy Brower)

Pray about who God is, and what He means to your life. Pray for Jesus to cleanse the sinful parts of your body and your thoughts and mouth; pray that Jesus would show you more of your sin and help in giving you new parts and a new spirit. Pray for wisdom and guidance so that you can be able to live your life for God in and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray not only for yourself, but also pray for others. Pray for Salvation for those that don’t know Christ; pray for those that are Christians but are not living their lives for Christ, that they would see their sin and turn from it; pray for strength to those that are Christians, that they would live and work through the power of the Holy Spirit. And then pray for specific prayer requests as well. There can never be enough praying, and God will never have a full capacity, that would not allow Him to receive anymore prayers, He is always open for them and willing to listen.