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Bigger than sports

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This showed on Outside the Lines, ESPN, a day or two before the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  It’s an excellent story of sports and major events, and how at times the moment of a sport doesn’t and shouldn’t take over the attention of what ever the major event brings to focus about life.  Here is a transcript of what Bruce Smith said after he received the Heisman.

Another moment comes to mind for me, the day Nebraska played Penn St. in Football and how both teams came to the middle of the field in unity and prayer.  A great moment in sports, and a small starting block of healing for everyone involved.


‘Alive’ Poem

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I found this artist from one of my good friends, Dan, who worked with me on STINT to South Africa until he became sick and had to go back to the states to get the treatment that would help him get better.  He is now in the States, but it will take probably a year for him to get healed.  Please pray that he would cling to God during this time and know that God does have a plan right now for His life.  And pray that he would be healed in a much quicker time than what is thought right now.

This poem is written and sung by Jonah Werner.

Unbenonced to you and me, beyond the place of terany, there lies a love that holds us, in sure and constant watch.  I pass a place of future crashing and far beyond the tongs and lashing, there lies a blaze that’s burning, never to be drenched.  When people live and love beyond themselves, hearts betray this bitter world, there’s bound to be a breaking.  But I can’t sweat for better yet when all I have is manifest in who I am, who I was and what I’m not mistaking.  That this is freedom, living and loving hard, when guaranties are lude and shard and I can’t rest on human souls, cause they are impractical and brusing.  There’s got to be more, there’s got to be Something deeper out there and I hope that you look and you find. Because the people are being restored where vines and branches sever more and never have it been so crazy.  Kick the doors to free me to say that I am alive and I’m thriving still, I’ve lost my feet but I won’t lose my will. You can hurt but you can not kill, the raging fires, of a man who’s been caught by Human lies time after time. Who’s been soaked and choked and rung by compromise, who was once dead but is now ALIVE.

What a wonderful Saviour that we have in Jesus Christ.  Let us worship Him today as we thank him for that things that we have been given, the chance to get to spend eternity with Him in heaven, if we are truely followers of Christ.

A little relaxation and Conference rolled into one

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The first week in April, I was able to go to Durban South Africa with the others on my team for our staff conference that lasted for four days. All the staff members of Campus Crusade for Christ were there from all over South Africa, and it was interesting to get to meet those of whom I had only heard about in small talk.

The Conference was entitled Organizational Health, Healing and Holiness. There had been some things done in the past with the Crusade organization as a whole, most of which I didn’t really know about, and there was a lot of hurt feeling going around with everyone, so they decided to have a conference in which those three things would be focused on and accomplished. I know for me, there was a lot of healing, mainly stretching out on the beach and catching some rays. The conference as a whole really met what I think the staff was wanting to accomplish, and everyone had some fun as well.

Durban is on the eastern side of South Africa, on the coast by the Indian Ocean. With wonderful gusts of wind, I was able to somewhat relax and take in the sun. The conference gave a good chunk each day of free time, which was mostly used for laying on the beach or jumping in the Ocean. Myself and James, the other teammate that lives with me, were able to meet a few guys from Pretoria and JoBurg and play some tackle rugby in the ocean. It was such a good time of being guys, laughing about the hits that were put on us and the hits that we were able to lay out as well.

After the conference was over with, our team stayed a couple days more to be able to hangout as a whole team instead of our separation the rest of the time.    We had a few normal meetings, but it was mostly more relaxation and hanging out.  We were able to go to a place called the Canopy tours, where you are strapped into a harness and glide from tree to tree on large iron cords. It was a fun time and a great experience, and the whole week was very needed and helpful in continuing on in the ministry.