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Bigger than sports

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This showed on Outside the Lines, ESPN, a day or two before the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  It’s an excellent story of sports and major events, and how at times the moment of a sport doesn’t and shouldn’t take over the attention of what ever the major event brings to focus about life.  Here is a transcript of what Bruce Smith said after he received the Heisman.

Another moment comes to mind for me, the day Nebraska played Penn St. in Football and how both teams came to the middle of the field in unity and prayer.  A great moment in sports, and a small starting block of healing for everyone involved.


It’s all about SUH

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Suh definitely had an amazing last two years of college ball and will have an even more amazing career in the NFL.  His power and tenastity carried this football team when things were meek.  He still has a game left and will probably continue to show how he is the best player in the nation right now

Here it is . . .  Mark Ingram!

My heart screams for SUH to win the Heisman award tonight, but my mind tells me that he won’t and one of the running backs will. The good thing about the setup is SUH getting and staying in front of both QB’s, specifically McCoy.  I will be glad with a second or third place finish for The Man Called SUH.  He’s on Defense and nobody ever really wins on that side of the ball, so I agree with some of the writers when they say that the Heisman should be the best QB, RB, or WR in the nation, not the all around best player in the nation.  Those are my thoughts about that, take them or leave them, its up to you.  SUH really does have a great story about him.   (SUH did not beat out Colt McCoy, even though I think he should have. . . Just frustrating.  How can you put McCoy ahead with the head-to-head competition, I just don’t get that.)

Heisman voters are charged with selecting “the Most Outstanding Player in the United States in 2009,” so will they? Saturday, the most outstanding player in the United States singlehandedly dismantled one of the nation’s best offenses. Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh finished with 12 tackles, including seven for loss and half of Nebraska’s nine sacks. Suh has annihilated offenses all season, but has done so in relative obscurity. Saturday, on the biggest stage, he nearly exacted the Cornhuskers’ revenge for Texas quarterback James Brown’s “Roll Left” play in the first Big 12 title game in 1996.

Suh will be No. 1 on my inaugural Heisman ballot, but unfortunately, the majority of the 926 voters don’t understand the game well enough to vote for a defensive tackle. They only watch the ball, so they almost always elect a quarterback, a running back or a wide receiver who also returns kicks. Suh, double-teamed almost every down, affected every offensive play Texas ran. We don’t need to send it to the replay booth; Suh proved definitively Saturday that he deserves not just an invitation to New York but also his very own bronze replica of former New York University star Ed Smith.

And Ndamukong Suh? Well – you saw him, didn’t you? It’s Heisman time.  “If Suh didn’t win the Heisman tonight, it’s a disgrace to college football,” Pelini said.

Meanwhile, Nebraska intercepted three of Colt McCoy’s passes and sacked him nine times, while probably sacking his Heisman Trophy chances. Yes, McCoy produced his eighth career fourth-quarter rally to victory. But he looked very ordinary much of the night. Husker defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh produced 4 1/2 of those sacks and 12 tackles overall (seven for losses) in a performance that simply had to thrust him into serious Heisman consideration, assuming he wasn’t there already. Not that the Heisman mattered to Suh or anybody else in red Saturday night, when Nebraska came up agonizingly short.

Ndomination Suh

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This is a great website, because its all about SUH!

Everyone else for the most part is talking about it, so I will include all of what they say together and maybe add in a couple of my own thoughts on the Big man SUH.  If you want, vote him for the Heisman here.

I think voters should start considering him. Seriously. I don’t think it’s necessarily a crazy notion. The award is supposed to go to the nation’s best player, right? How many defenders do you see who are as disruptive as Suh week in and week out? Plus, he’s extremely athletic for a man his size. Carl Pelini told me recently Suh could be an All-American guard or center on offense. He’s that talented.  He was easily the best player on the field Thursday night on ESPN against Missouri. ~ Steve Sipple

I was thinking about this earlier and trying to decide how one votes on this issue. Essentially, like in the school yard, you would have to ask yourself who would you rather have on your team as your first pick. Or, you would ask yourself who do you NOT want on the other team. Given that it seemed at first that one would want a tallented offensive player. I then thought about that… A great offensive player is only as good as those that surround him. A hole in the armor and that player is susceptable to nullification or injury. Suh is the person that single handedly can nullify the effectiveness of an ENTIRE offense. He can, has and will again, put numerous players out of the game or simply just render them ineffective. Who do I want on my team as my first pick? Suh! Who do I NOT want on the other team? Suh! ~posted by BleedingRed

Suh is a great player and probably the glue that holds the ship together for the defense and he is probably the sails that push the offense to keep going.  Crick is also a pretty darn good player, maybe that’s because he is playing right along side one of the greatest Defensive lineman that has come through Nebraska in a while.

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh: You rarely get to see “legendary” defensive performances from a single player. On national TV, Suh delivered one. I’m not sure even he understood just what he’d done. In the coming weeks, if he makes a push for the Heisman, he will. The Missouri game was his launching pad. ~Samuel McKewon

From ESPN’s Tim Griffin:
[Suh] has been the most dominant defensive player in the Big 12. What I enjoyed watching last night was how quickly he can drop into coverage and make big plays, like his fourth-quarter interception against Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert. It will be interesting to see how much that performance on national television last night propels Suh into the talk for the Heisman or at least awards like the Outland Trophy.  Nebraska defensive coordinator Carl Pelini told reporters last night that he had never seen quite a dominating performance in his coaching career.  If Suh keeps making these plays, I think we might see him bringing a lot of hardware back to Lincoln, and maybe even a trip to New York City in mid-December for the Heisman presentation. He’s playing well enough that he could be a finalist.

*Suh’s hardware: The honors rolled in for senior Ndamukong Suh after his Thursday performance. In addition to being chosen the Big 12 defensive player of the week, Suh was named the Walter Camp Football Foundation national defensive player of the week and the Lott Trophy player of the week.  Suh had six tackles (including one for loss), a sack,   a forced fumble, a pass breakup and an interception against the Tigers. “I saw this game in person and was I ever impressed with the quickness and athleticism of Suh,” said former Washington coach Don James, a member of the legends coaches group that selected the Lott player of the week. “It is hard to believe he is a defensive tackle with those skills and that big body. He almost had a second interception that just slipped out of his grasp. A very dominating performance.”  In an amazing statistic, the Husker nose tackle is tied for sixth nationally with eight passes defended — a category usually dominated by defensive backs. He has seven pass breakups this year and one interception.  “He’s the first person in the film room watching film, always encouraging us to get in there and watch film with him,” Asante said.  ESPN’s “College GameDay” is working on a feature about Suh that is expected to air Saturday. Sports Illustrated is also coming to Lincoln for an apparent story on Suh. ~ Steven Sipple

Even though the football team is not winning games so far, back to back losses, Suh and the defense is doing all it can to continue on and play well.  Here is a good link about how Suh played in interesting circumstances.

Ndomination SUH