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Let God be the glory

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As we celebrate this season, let us continue to look to Christ for the things that we have around us.  Give glory to Christ for His grace and mercy given to us freely, let there be peace for all in the midst of everything that might come our way and let goodwill be given to all men!

Here is a little holiday greeting card called Glory to God. Enjoy!

I’ll be home for Christmas

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I’ll be home for Christmas, and definitely not in my dreams, but actually there! I am sure getting excited for Christmas:) Even those here in South Africa are getting excited, with all the decorations they have in the malls.  But they don’t have Thanksgiving, so the only thing they can look forward to is seeing red and green and white, but probably not, only in their lights:)

Potholes, Elephants, getting arrested… Waterfall… potholes, elephants

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Our team decided to use the time that the students had off, for our vacation time and seeing some of the sights of Africa. My friend and teammate James Pruch, took a couple of weeks to go back to the states, wasn’t able to tag along, but the rest of us in Pretoria and one from Durban decided to head up through Botswana to go see Victoria falls in Zimbabwe.

The trip through Botswana was definitely an interesting one, taking us two days to make it to our destination, about 20 hours or so from Pretoria. The second day on the road was the most exciting, with miles of road that looked more like a war torn area than just potholes, seeing elephants along the road and myself getting arrested. (I was let go with a small payment, and if you want to know more just email me and I can tell you the story. Too long for this…) We stayed at the Chobe River Lodge, just at their campsite, but were able to enjoy the surrounding life on the deck of the lodge.

The Chobe River is the separation line between Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. The first full day we were there, we decided to take a boat trip to go see a Namibian village. We really saw the need for Christians to go there and spread the word while living with them. The one cool thing we all noticed was how content they were with life, even when there was so much around them and I am sure people coming to visit them all the time like we did. They didn’t know of anything better and they were fine with that. We also took a boat that had a dinner on it that evening. It was a really relaxing time eating and listening to the different sounds of the night.

The Next day, we went to Zimbabwe, taking a tour guided bus trip to the Victoria falls. It was amazingly huge, definitely one place everyone should see at some point in their life time.  Niagara falls is pretty cool, but this sounded like jet engines all around you, it was that loud. Anywhere you would stand, you probably will get wet, there is that much water coming over the falls and misting/spraying all around.  There was one place where you could go up on the wet rocks, to look over the ledge and where most of the spray comes to land. I definitely got soaked, but it sure was fun. On the way back to Botswana, we were able to see a few giraffes on the side of the road. There were “Pumbaa’s” all over the place as well, both in Zimbabwe and Botswana.

The next day we took a safari boat trip and were able to see a lot of crocks, hippo’s and elephants. It was a relaxing time as we floated along, and we were able to experience an African sunset on the water of which I took plenty of pictures. The following two days were spent driving back home, the first day almost the same as the second day going north, without the arrest. The one almost cool part about the drive was when we came upon a watering hole with about 6-8 elephants there drinking. One that was off to the side was walking towards the road, not knowing we were there. It would have been a great video of the group and an elephant walking across the road; I can already see it on National Geographic. Sadly, we drove off instead of backing up to take position. I guess it will only be in my dreams…

Let the labor begin

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I know, I know, Labor day is over with and no one cares anymore… Just thought I would put this up and give an insight or two.

Since our Nation’s founding, working Americans have carried us through times of challenge and uncertainty and propelled America through eras of peace and prosperity. They have long formed the backbone of our Nation’s economy, and they will continue to lead our Nation to new heights in the years to come. Working Americans helped lay the foundation for our Nation’s progress over the generations. Brick by brick, they built the infrastructure that powered the engine of our economy. With firm resolve and commitment, they constructed our cities and towns, and with unparalleled skill they manufactured the goods and provided the services needed by Americans and people around the world. They have prepared our children for the challenges ahead and cared for the sick and the elderly. Today, we commemorate the many contributions labor has made to our Nation.

Throughout its history, the labor movement has given voice to the aspirations and concerns of millions of men and women. By fighting for decent working conditions, as well as fair wages and benefits, organized labor has stood for the rights of everyday Americans. With determination and commitment, labor has advocated for all working families and all have benefited from the fruits of their struggles.

Today, we find ourselves in an era of great challenges. The economic crisis we face is vast and complex. Americans understand the consequences: dwindling savings for young families, a daunting choice between prescriptions and groceries for our seniors, and fading hopes for a college education for our young people. Just as they have so many times in our history, working Americans will help our Nation emerge from this crisis and lead us into a new era of prosperity and progress. This Labor Day, as we honor our workers, and we renew our commitment to uphold the American Dream and the founding promise of our Nation: in America, we can make of our lives what we will, and all things are possible for all people.  ~~ President Obama

Let’s give a hand and a helping to the normal people who actually work 8-5, who understand what it’s like to pay their bills on time, live in a moderate house that doesn’t over-flow on what has been given to them, and are responsible for what is their’s to have.  Lets help them out with the “crisis” that is going on right now in the economy, instead of giving them more of a headach that they don’t need to bear.  Here is a great link to show how this holiday started.

June: slow as you go

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June was a transitioning month for the students, from classes to taking finals and going out on holiday, either back to their homes or other places around South Africa.  The first two weeks were for finals and students being pretty busy, but I was able to find time to meet up individually or in groups with the guys that I had been disciplining over the first semester.  For most of the guys, I was able to take them out to eat (one group I just brought snacks) and challenged them for the holidays and then for the first month of classes that I wasn’t going to be with them.  I challenged them to dig deep into God’s word, and to think about leadership for the fall, either with Crusade or somewhere else. It was good to talk with them, see how things had gone the first semester and what they wanted for the next semester as well.  I am definitely privileged to be able to spend any kind of time with these guys.  They have been a great friend to me and I can see their heart and desire for Hod and Him Glorified.  I look forward to what they can start this coming semester.

In Remembrance

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Today is one of the holidays that we get every year, but I don’t think a lot of people in America really give this holiday its due.  Most people are excited about getting the day off and doing nothing more than sit at home watching TV or doing odd jobs around the house (not to say that doing odd jobs is bad).  The thoughts on the holiday are more or less just another holiday, but we need to take this day as a remembrance of those fallen, fighting for our right to be living in a free nation and having the privileges that we seem to hold so dearly.

This is from Wikipedia:  Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 25 in 2009). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated near the day of reunification after the civil war), it was expanded after World War I to include American casualties of any war or military action.

Thanks to those families that have lost loved ones in wars past, and thank you for their hearts and your for our country and for their wanting to be apart of a bigger picture and to serve in something greater than themselves.  Thanks to those that are serving today and risking their lives for our freedom and safety!

Reason for Christmas

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I found a christmas poem that was on a church’s bulletin a couple of Sunday’s ago and really liked the words in it and wanted to share with everyone.

Carols of Christmas

I hear the carols of Christmas

The candles flicker low;

My mind goes back to Bethlehem

And the manger long ago.

I sing Joy to the World,

I think of angels all aglow;

Singing What Child Is This?

As the winter winds blow.

I hum the carols of Christmas,

They fill my heart with joy;

Christ came to bring earth Silent Night —

This Sweet Little Jesus Boy.

Douglas R. Rose