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This is a great post from Samuel McKewon about the 300’th sell-out and how it needs to be more about the game and love for it, instead of where we are ranked or who is watching who and how we compare to others.  Here is an excerpt:

If this seems like a sour column in light of NU’s achievement, think of it, instead, as sobering. Older generations of fans brought us to this point by staying committed and positive. Even in some tough years. Most of them weren’t “lean,” exactly, but the Huskers have endured their share of tough, ugly losses. Each home game, they’d come back, hopeful. And the fans next to them rarely let them down.

Petty things, like who stands to cheer and who doesn’t, or whether the students have good enough seats, need to be set aside on game day. Memorial Stadium was never about being vicious, a Temple of Doom from the Indiana Jones movies. Rather, the place is a warm spirit the color of its sea of fans. Remember that.

A few great memories, or one’s that will last a lifetime for those that went to the games.  The craziest one that I was at, was the 2006 UT game, where it was sunny, cloudy, snowy, and then sunny again all in 15 minutes. And then Nunn fumbles, I know it hurts, but that was such a crazy game.

Here is another post by Tom Shatel about the greatness of what the sellout is all about.